Luxury Home Design with Eichholtz Furniture

Eichholtz Furniture

Eichholtz Furniture seamlessly matches the old with the new to bring luxury into home design, delivering collections that inspire year after year. They have a classic, timeless style that works for so many home themes, and quality craftsmanship is consistently ensured. We’re here with some luxury home design inspirations to get your started with exploring what Eichholtz has to offer.

Eichholtz Furniture: What Makes Luxury?

We all define luxury in our own ways, as we all have our own personal tastes. What’s consistent is the delivery of quality, in furnishings that stand the test of time and are made by expert hands. Eichholtz Furniture embodies luxury, from their design inspirations through their craftsmanship. Offering furniture, lighting, and accessories, Eichholtz grew from Asian inspirations in the 90s to encompass the extensive collections it offers today.

Over 150 artisans work to create furnishings across their design studios, with heavy influences from nature and minimalist trends. Natural finishes in dark tones give furnishings a sleek and modern appearance, perfect for those with discerning taste. From clean cut edges to rougher, more natural pieces, there’s something to fit the luxury of many tastes.

Eichholtz Collection Highlights

With both indoor and outdoor offerings, Eichholtz Furniture has everything you need to create a space that is cohesive and styled for you. We’ve hand-picked some of our favorites that are sure to inspire and help you visualize your new space.

Brice Swivel Chair

What we love about the Brice Swivel Chair is its versatility— it would be perfectly at home in a living space or as a seating option in a bedroom. Available in a range of neutral creams and grays, and finished with a bronze base, this chair evokes modern effortless luxury with ease. It would be a comfortable addition to a bedroom seating area, or a contrast or complementary chair in a living room.

Lagonda Cabinet

With ten shelves on an oak veneer base, this cabinet matches practicality with style. It’s available in hues of bronze, gold, and silver, and its geometric design defines it as a statement piece. It easily draws the eye in a room, reminiscent of art deco style. In gold tones, this cabinet would easily offset rooms with darker color tones, providing a sophisticated pop of color and depth.

Lomax Sofa

Home design doesn’t stop with the interiors. Create an outdoor haven for a perfect entertainment and relaxation space, and you can keep a sense of cohesion every step of the way. The Lomax sofa is understated elegance, a simple design that delivers luxury through its craftsmanship and comfort. Built to last the outdoors, this sofa feels like a breath of fresh air in a tropical space.

Molecule Ceiling Lamp

Lighting directly affects your home’s ambience, and Eichholtz offers lighting fixtures in a range of tones to suit your theme. From silver to bronze-toned finishes, the dimmable Molecule ceiling lamp combines inspirations of old and new to bring something special to your home. The glass bubble design feels light and airy, with an overall soft impression that would offset sleek lines perfectly.

Eichholtz Furniture at Designer’s Mark, Boca Raton

Sometimes, it helps to see luxury in front of you to be inspired. Our Boca Raton showroom can help you visualize the home you want, and our interior design experts are on hand to guide you. From fabric swatches to lighting fixtures, you can see how your design idea will come to life. Contact us today for a private consultation at (561) 961-4149 and experience the timeless elegance of Eichholtz Furniture.

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