The Best of the Ambella Home Collection

Ambella Home Collection

Is your home a passionate representation of your creativity? Every barstool, upholstered sofa, and custom finish has the potential to speak volumes about the type of homeowner that you are, and the Ambella Home Collection makes sure to paint you in a good light.

At Designer’s Mark, we pride ourselves on showcasing exclusive brands in our Boca Raton showroom. The Ambella Home Collection, in particular, is a fan favorite. The design of their indoor furniture is founded on elegance and quality, striking the delicate balance between form, function, and finishings.

The Story of The Ambella Home Collection

Founded by George Moussa, the Ambella Home Collection has been bringing life to homes since 1995. Production is meticulously managed to ensure that each piece maintains the same standard of excellence, hand-designed and made with carefully sourced material.

Although Ambella is renowned for the introduction of the Sink Chest, the wooden chest with a mounted sink on top, there’s a lot more to the sophisticated brand. Ambella continues to bring an innovative flair to home design, and this is evident in each of its quality products.

A Versatile Selection with The Ambella Home Collection

Ambella doesn’t leave a single part of the home untouched by their magic. Consider the following diversity within their home collection.


Your choice of upholstery will add texture to a home, setting the mood and bringing the space alive. Whether you prefer a slick, minimal look or a comfortable sofa that swallows you whole, the upholstery plays a key role. Ambella offers a choice of ottomans, sectionals, and sofas, with a choice of fabrics and finishes.


If you enjoy entertaining in your home, then you’ll understand the importance of dining furniture. From the comfortable bar stools to seat your guests while you pour drinks to expansive tables to host dinners, Ambella offers an incredible selection of modern furniture for the home.


The bedroom is a private space that offers sanctuary and comfort, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish and lush. Beds, dressers, and tables all play a pivotal role in creating a luxurious haven – and Ambella offers them all.

Chests And Cabinets

Decluttering is one of the most effective ways to create a positive, healthy space in the home. However, you need a place to keep your belongings. Ambella’s range of chests and cabinets is versatile and beautiful, serving the dual purpose of storing items and adding class to a space.

Bath and Vanity

Bathroom details are where it all began for Ambella! Bathroom details can make or break a home and Ambella ensures that the finishing touches in the bathroom continue the style and care that has been incorporated in the rest of the home. Whether you prefer satin brass faucets or a brushed nickel system, the choice is yours! There’s also a wide selection of sink chests, available in a range of colors and styles.

Custom Finishes

Custom finishes allow you to add a personal touch to an already-unique setting. Custom finishes from Ambella involve artisanal finishes to make your pieces one-of-a-kind. Contact our team at Designer’s Mark to find out customization options from Ambella.

Game Room, Mirrors, and Office

Add character to every corner of your home with Ambella’s collection of pieces. From shuffleboard tables for the game room, elegant bookshelves, and desk furniture for the office, to a selection of gorgeous mirrors to adorn your walls – Ambella has you covered!

Ambella is one of the many talented brands that our interior design consultants work with, helping to create your dream home.

The Ambella Home Collection in Boca Raton

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