How Color Schemes Influence Interior Design

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When it comes to high-end interior design, it’s all about the color. The color schemes we choose set the tone and theme for the space we build, and they set the atmosphere for your home. Whether you’re sticking to trends or branching out to suit your personal style, here’s what to look forward to in the colors of the New Year.

Interior Design & Color Theory

The role color plays in design cannot be understated, and this is where all interior designers start. The color wheel provides a base that we can draw color schemes from, guiding the choice of colors for a space. Along with your main focal color, you also need to get contrast and complementary tones.

When the colors of a room come together, they harmonize. So, how do you get started? Colors aren’t only bound by the color wheel, they’re also divided into temperatures, splitting warm-toned colors from cold-toned colors. Start with the shade that you’re inspired by and work outwards as you go.

Types of Color Schemes

There are several kinds of color schemes for you to choose from, and each affects the atmosphere you want to create. We’ll look at a few of the key color schemes that are often used in interior design, and you can see what fits your style.

  • Monochromatic

    This color scheme uses different shades of a single hue, for example, using light to dark blue for a cohesive feel. While simple, this color scheme works excellently in minimalist spaces, or when you want to highlight other aspects of your interior design.

  • Analogous

    This color scheme groups together tones that lie next to each other on the color wheel. You might group orange shades with yellow shades, giving some visual difference while still sticking to the same quarter of the wheel.

  • Complementary

    Here’s where interior design starts getting interesting. Pops of color can bring your space to life, and this can be done with a complementary color scheme. This scheme uses two colors that are directly opposite each other on the wheel, providing the perfect tone for a burst of something different.

  • Triadic

    For a more colorful space, a triadic color scheme could work perfectly. This takes three colors, equally split around the wheel, and gives you three hues that are perfectly complementary.

2022 Color Trends

Modern interior design trends have been evolving faster than ever, so it’s difficult to pin down the exact trends arriving with the New Year. However, we’ve seen a few colors take the lead as next year’s new highlights.

The neutrals of cream and natural brown carry on, timeless entries that bring a calm atmosphere into home design. Rich greens and blues take their place after the natural trend, the gem-like tones perfect for velvet accents or detailed wallpaper. Gold and orange shades bring a metallic shimmer to 2022, a bold choice that feels sophisticated and elevated when used well.

Above all, it’s essential that your interior design color scheme matches your personality and your individual style. While trends come and go, treat them as inspiration to develop and enhance your space.

Interior Design with Designer’s Mark

The color wheel is just the start in creating interiors that are cohesive, luxurious, and comfortable. The skilled interior design consultants at Designer’s Mark are on hand to help you find the colors that work for you and your home, as well as match them to fabrics, furnishings, and lighting. There’s more to your home design than its colors, and we can’t wait to get you started with an interior design renovation.

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