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home accessories

Home accessories can make or break a space. They can fill in the blanks of a sparse room, or they can clutter a room that already has enough detail. The key to accentuating your style and elevating your space is choosing the right home décor. You need to work out what inspires you and learn how to slot pieces of your style into your home. Needing inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

How Home Accessories Work for Your Space

Home décor can serve many functions. They can be for storage, for entertainment, for atmosphere, or simply to fill an empty space in your home’s layout. Whether your home design process starts or ends with accessories, here are two approaches to consider when putting the finishing touches on your style.

Functional Décor

When you think of home décor, your mind might jump right to vases, magazines, or artwork. While these accessories are still vital in creating a space that feels personal, there are other design aspects to consider that add a functional purpose to your space. For example, you can creatively use mirrors to open up a space, or candles to add atmosphere.

Did you know that lighting can also count as a home accessory? While your overheads and back lighting are more involved, pendant lamps or table lights can add character and completely change the tone of a room. Bedrooms and studies are perfect places for warm lighting, making special lamps a perfect choice of accessory.

functional decor
decorative accessories

Decorative Accessories

Don’t misunderstand here— all home accessories have decorative qualities. Melding purpose and aesthetics is what creates your style! But, sometimes, we want home décor that just looks good. Not everything has to serve a function in your home, but decorative objects still serve the purpose of contributing to your home aesthetic. Decorative accessories can change how we view and perceive a space. Area rugs and artwork can open up a space or draw the eye, adding color for visual contrast, or neutral tones to balance other furnishings. Sometimes, that bare shelf just needs something beautiful, something that inspires you when you look at it, or something that is a conversation starter with your guests.

Home Accessory Designer Spotlight

Every designer has their own personal mark that carries across their collections, making certain brands easy picks if your home aesthetic aligns. While you should branch out and be prepared to be inspired by many different designers, there are a few jumping off points that we love to recommend.

Home accessories by Arteriors embrace the natural and the historically inspired. Their new collection feels inspired by ancient times while holding on to modern design influences, using natural wood, marble, and metal in neutral tones. Predominantly black and white with highlights of metallic bronze, this collection would suit the contemporary homeowner.

Uttermost and Revelation follow the neutral base tones but shine with their colorful accents and bursts of plant life. Vases in rich blues and oranges work as excellent pops of color, while their topiaries and other plant accents are sure to bring life into a dull space.

home accessories

ACCESSORIZE By Designer’s Mark

With so much to choose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. That’s why we created ACCESSORIZE, helping you take the stress out of the design process. Come and chat to our team of experts and let us know more about you and your style. We’ll do the hard work for you and present you with a handpicked selection of home décor that we feel are perfect for your home aesthetic. Don’t sweat the small stuff— but make sure the small stuff works for your home and personal taste. Revitalize your home and style today with Designer’s Mark.

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