Modern Furniture Trends: 2021 & Beyond

modern furniture design

With the pandemic forcing people to spend more time in their homes, it also changed the way we think about modern furniture. In 2021 as the world begins to slowly open up again, modern furniture trends are reflecting our needs from 2020. Here are some hot furniture trends to take cues from when designing your home.

Inspiration From Nature

Nature has offered comfort during the pandemic as a way to escape our homes and avoid crowded areas. Now, we’re bringing a bit of nature inside. It’s one of the hottest trends in 2021, and it’s called biophilic design. To experiment with this, you could try a set of teak barstools or a pair of armchairs with sculpted wooden arms. Designers are also turning to woven pieces and organic materials as a subtle nod to nature. Imagine a wooden bench draped with a natural textile as an accent piece in your living room. This also gives you the opportunity to make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel more unified. Brands such as Holly Hunt offer both indoor and outdoor furniture lines, so you can have a more cohesive look within your home and in your backyard.

Plants, of course, are part of this design trend. Recently, people have been using house plants as design elements that anchor a room with a lighter, organic feeling. If you curate a good selection of flora, it won’t look like you have a random assortment of overgrown house plants in one corner. Understandably, if you don’t want to deal with house plant maintenance, you can still incorporate plant motifs, flowers, and other natural elements.

Green Tones

The sage green color that got so much attention the last few years is now evolving. In line with the natural inspiration that is filling people’s home, vibrant shades of green are a tasteful design trend in 2021. But people are going beyond painting their walls sage or emerald green, which admittedly, is still beautiful if done right. The green tones are also great for upholstered velvet couches, lamp shades, and storage pieces. Get creative, but you don’t have to back down from green just because it’s not a neutral tone. Green can be overwhelming depending on what shade you use, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of olive or emerald here and there. It will liven up any room and give it a natural feel.

Lighter Wood

Lighter-toned wood can make a space feel more open and lighter. So, in 2021, modern furniture trends are moving away from dark, heavy wood and are looking toward blonde and ash-toned wood. Dark wood can make a home feel older and more dated. Light wood opens up a space and makes it feel bigger. In a similar vein, we are seeing more rattan and wicker elements in homes. Consider a set of wicker chairs or a rattan end table. These elements are great for smaller accent pieces without being overwhelming.

Modern Maximalism

Before you think of endless color and tapestries everywhere, give maximalism a chance. It doesn’t have to be the tacky design style that many people think of when they hear the word maximalism. In 2021, maximalism is changing modern furniture. Bold prints and patterns, mixing stripes, and fun textures are a 2021 design trend. You can select an array of different prints, paintings, and mirrors that you love and cover a whole wall with them. A bright upholstered couch with colorful design pillows can personify a space. One of Harlequin’s beautiful wallpapers anchor a room without making it seem too busy. Or one of Adriana Hoyos’ handcrafted pieces can make a beautiful statement. While the name of the design is maximalism, that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. There is still a fine line between having beautiful statement pieces and clashing styles. The essence of modern maximalism is tasteful boldness.

Functional Furniture

After 2020, when everyone spent much more time at home, people now want furniture that not only looks nice but serves their needs. This produced a greater demand for functional furniture with storage. For example, ottomans are a great way to store extra blankets that you don’t want lying over the back of your couches. People also want furniture that looks nice and also feels nice. Hard, angular couches from minimalism are out. In 2021, we are seeing more curved lines that give the room an easier flow. Couches, coffee tables, and chairs are developing softer edges that feel more comforting than sharp angles and corners.

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