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luxury interiors

High-End Homes: Luxury Interiors

Designer’s Mark has established itself as a premier design house for high-end homes in South Florida and custom hospitality projects. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest news and cutting-edge design trends. Custom Interior Design Designer’s Mark prides…

home decor

Using Home Décor To Define A Space

The way you decorate your home sets the tone for the way you begin and end each day. Personalized home décor allows you to own the space that you inhabit and tells guests about who you are and what excites…

outdoor furniture

The Latest In Outdoor Furniture: Ledge Lounger

Pools are the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather with family and friends. If you are looking to upgrade your poolside and in-pool furniture to truly relax in style and luxury, look no further than the effortlessly…

designer furniture

Your Choice For Designer Furniture In Boca Raton

A Designer’s Mark exploration into our designer furniture collections. We source Latin America, the U.S., and Europe researching unique and innovative designer furniture to add to our portfolio. On-boarding a brand to our roster is a lengthy process because we…

interior design

How Your Interior Design Influences Your Mood

You’ve probably been spending a lot of time in your home lately, so it’s time for an important question: how does your home make you feel? We know that interior design plays an enormous role in how we perceive our…

interior design trends

Current Interior Design Trends

Trends tend to shift and change as cultural values and aesthetics change. A cue for this can be seen in the growth of the sustainable design sector within the last five years. From issues related to climate change and the…

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