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modern furniture

Revamp Your Home With Modern Furniture

Many homeowners run into the problem of finding their home interior design boring and predictable. To update their homes, they’ll follow mismatched interior design trends with no thought toward retaining cohesion. Simply following trends quickly creates disharmony throughout your home…

interior design

Top Interior Design Trends For 2024

We predict that designing and decorating your home in 2024 is going to be a fun and entirely individual experience. This year is all about your personal taste, unique style combos, and unexpected layering of textures, textiles, and lighting. Here,…

modern furniture

What Are The Characteristics Of Modern Furniture?

Modern furniture can be summed up in one word: precise. There is a focus on function over form, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks style. It leans towards clean lines, neutral tones, natural materials, and overall simplicity in its…

home accessories

Your Home Accessories Gift Guide From Designer’s Mark

Let’s set the scene… Your best friend has impeccable taste and a tendency to be honest when they don’t like a gift. Your partner already has everything they need and shrugs when you ask what you could buy for them….


An Interior Designer’s Top Tips For Increasing Your Home Value

Renovations and decorating are about making your interior look better, and often, making upgrades is all about investing in one of your most important assets: your home. However, home improvements don’t come cheap, in fact, 25% of Americans have delayed…


Discover Personalized Elegance With Verellen Custom Furniture

Picture-perfect homes, while beautiful, often feel like they’re missing something vital. Homeowners who are unsatisfied with their home’s design often attribute this feeling to a lack of quality or bad design work, but the solution is much more subtle These…


Innovative Home Office Designs

Whether you work from home, need a designated place for your children to do homework, or just need a space to get away, the definition of the home office has greatly changed over the years. When many think about home office…

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