Category: Furniture Design

Home Design Tips To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

March 14, 2024

It’s that time of the year when preparing your outdoor space for the summer, is on everyone’s “to do list”. With good exterior design, you can carry the indoors out, while bad exterior designs can often leave your home feeling…

Revamp Your Home With Modern Furniture

February 28, 2024

Many homeowners run into the problem of finding their home interior design boring and predictable. To update their homes, they’ll follow mismatched interior design trends with no thought toward retaining cohesion. Simply following trends quickly creates disharmony throughout your home…

Creating Timeless Holiday Moments With Verellen Furniture

December 15, 2023

From the cozy crackling fires to bright bulbs and green garland, there truly is no place like home for the holidays. The holidays are a time meant for joy, happiness, and most importantly, togetherness. Holidays can bring family and friends,…

The Impact Of Color And Texture In Furniture Design

May 22, 2023

Color and texture can play a major role in your home design. Aside from making or breaking a space, they also add personality and elevate your style when used correctly. Using colors and textures that don’t fit with a room’s…

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