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Pools are the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather with family and friends. If you are looking to upgrade your poolside and in-pool furniture to truly relax in style and luxury, look no further than the effortlessly chic and ultra-high-quality products by Ledge Lounger, now available through Designer’s Mark in Boca Raton. Bring your style outside with designer outdoor furniture and decor.

Create Your Space

Whether you are looking to update your patio, add flair to your outside space, or create a pool area that is sure to be the talk of the town, Designer’s Mark has you covered with Ledge Lounger outdoor furniture. Their durable designs are perfect for the Florida sun throughout the year. Known for creating top-of-the-line spaces for premier hotels and resorts across the world, Ledge Lounger outdoor furniture brings that quality luxury into your back yard.

In-Pool Furniture Collection

Imagine bringing the comfort and style of enjoying your favorite tropical vacation at home. Ledge Lounger offers a complete line of in-water furniture designed to make your pool’s tanning ledge, Baja shelf, or sun shelf feel like a five-star accommodation.

Some of the many in-pool options include:

Chaises and Chairs

Meant for any size ledge, the Signature line offers many seating options. Some of the most popular are the Chaise loungers and chairs, available in a couple of design options for the perfect experience.

Crafted from UV16 rated resin and marine-grade fabric, the Chaise is meant for depths up to nine inches while the Chaise Deep accommodates for depths of 10-15 inches. These durable pieces come in a wide array of colors to compliment your home’s aesthetic. For a more versatile possibility, consider the Signature Chair or Lowback Chair. Both options work on ledges up to depths of 9 inches and are perfect seating choices for enjoying the beach or even on your deck! Ledge Lounger also offers a variety of add-ons, including cushions and shades.


If you have a larger ledge where you can enjoy the sun, Ledge Lounger offers pieces such as their Signature Sunbed and accessories.

Accommodating up to 12 inches of water and fitted with a built-in umbrella hole, the Sunbed is ideal for families and couples to lounge together. Their customizable options for both the base and fabric make it the perfect piece to exemplify your unique style.


Even in the pool, we need a place to keep our favorite book or sunscreen nearby. That’s why Ledge Lounger offers several table options.

Their Signature 14-Inch Side Table is the perfect addition to any of the in-pool pieces and comes ready to fit the Choice, Select, or Diamond umbrella options. The Ledge Lounger self-draining Ice Bin Side Table holds 12 cans of your choice beverage, or even a bottle of bubbly with plenty of space for glasses. It is available as the table, with a lid, or with a lid and umbrella hole. If you are looking to combine the best of both worlds, look no further than the 22-Inch Side Table, which also comes with lid options.

Outdoor Furniture

Most Ledge Lounger in-pool pieces can also be used on your deck or yard. However, they also offer several sophisticated on-deck designs. They include:

Seating and Dining

Ledge Lounger offers high-quality, customizable pieces to make your deck feel like a backyard oasis.

For seating, they offer both Chaises and Double Chaises available in a variety of colors. You can also add a Chaise Cushion to either to increase your comfort and style. Other pieces include their Adirondack pieces which come in various options, including Rocker and Tall. Suppose you are looking to convert your deck into a dining experience. In that case, Ledge Lounger has many options; including Square and Rectangular Dining Tables, Dining Side and Armchairs, Dining Benches, and Stools.

For those looking for a playful yet stylish approach to deck furniture, Ledge Lounger’s Playnk line offers several perfect pieces. From Chaises and Lounge Chairs to Dining Chairs and Tables, the Playnk pieces offer vintage vibes with a modern twist.

Ledge Lounger Furniture Through Designer’s Mark

Do you want help transforming your pool and backyard area with Ledge Lounger pieces? Contact Designer’s Mark today at 561-961-4149. You can schedule a private consultation in or Boca Raton interior design showroom.

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