With over 25 years in the design industry, experience has taught us that taking care of our clients has been our recipe for success and a path to building a loyal customer following and a solid reputation. In a world where more often than not, things aren’t what they seem, take comfort in knowing that Designer’s Mark strives to be the exception. As a family-owned and operated business with a committed team to excellence, we have made our Mark in Palm Beach and surrounding areas. As we strive to provide our clients with a pleasant and relaxed memorable experience, we take care to ensure that the decorative and functional elements that we provide, are timeless and elegant, sure to enhance every home’s beauty, style, and perfection.

We understand the frustrations and challenges in the selection process, the ordering, the coordinating, the delivery, the installation and finally the reveal… has to be flawless. That is why we always strive to satisfy your appetite for the finer things in life, for both client, designer, and decorator.

Design needs to not only deliver pleasure and delight but must deliver a deeper meaning that engages the senses. Spaces created must integrate smoothly and flow in such a way that besides being functional, the design and products used must evoke pleasure to the eyes. If change is necessary, then change it must and we can facilitate with the selections. Our many years of experience with new, existing, and pre-construction projects has resulted in our team having an eye for scale and a distinct sense of style, that transforms a house into a unique and welcoming home.

Interior Designers and Decorators are the cornerstone of our success over many years, so we welcome you to visit our showroom to discuss our support services and how we assist your projects, whether you are based locally or afar, we can pull your project together and specify products sourced from the many brands that we are proud to represent. SEE OUR BRANDS

With Designer’s Mark, you have unlimited resources to choose from, for any furnishing, wall covering, lighting, flooring, fabric, and accessory style requirement. We are proud to offer the very best and latest trends in design, form, and function. Let us lead the way in transforming your environment into a place of timeless elegance.

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