Receiving & White Glove Delivery

We are proud to say that one of our biggest steps taken in the last year to improve and streamline the clients experience with Designer’s Mark, was to take a bold and vital step into establishing our very own receiving facility that includes inspection of custom ordered goods for damages and accuracy against purchase orders. We also provide the option of in-house white glove delivery. which in many cases is essential with heavy items. 

We certainly felt there was a shortage and a need by Interior Designers for these services and we recognize the added value that these services bring to both the clients and the designers. We call it, a piece of mind.

White Glove Delivery

When you’ve invested in high-quality furniture, you can (and should) expect high-quality delivery. All too often, homeowners experience disappointment after receiving expensive furniture that’s been damaged by inattentive delivery professionals. 

At Designer’s Mark, we never want our customers to experience that disappointment. That’s why we’ve introduced white glove delivery – the highest standard of delivery that ensures your pieces are delivered promptly, safely, and with a warm smile.

What does “white glove” mean?

Historically, white gloves have been used as symbols of elegance and refinement from as early as the 15th century. In the 19th century, white gloves became a standard fashion accessory, with the rules of etiquette demanding that white gloves be worn for social occasions. From there, white gloves became part of the elegant uniforms of butlers, illustrating the high standard and detailed care they provided.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “white glove” was first used to describe something as meticulous and marked by special care in the late 1970s. This description is what we aspire to fulfill with our white glove delivery services.

What is white glove delivery?

White glove delivery is a method of shipping that demands the highest level of care. Our delivery team experts handle your shipments with integrity and intention, protecting your pieces from damage and ensuring a smooth delivery every single time.

Essentially, white glove delivery is shipping with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.

What services does white glove delivery cover?

White glove delivery goes above and beyond regular delivery requirements. From packaging to assembly, white glove service demands the highest level of care and attention be paid to your delivery.

Our white glove delivery services include the following:

Home Inspections

For larger pieces of furniture or those with particular configuration requirements, it’s necessary to first inspect the space you plan to place them in before delivery. When necessary, we’ll inspect the space in your home to ensure the assembled product will fit and function correctly in the room.

Protective Packaging

White glove delivery adheres to exceptional packaging standards to ensure every piece of furniture arrives in perfect condition. Not only do we use premium packaging materials, but we also take steps to protect deliveries from movement within the transport vehicle.

Delicate Handling

Throughout the delivery process, we handle every package with the utmost care. From packaging, through shipping and delivery, to the set-up process, our packagers and drivers handle products with delicate care.

Clean Transportation

Our delivery vehicles are clean and road-worthy to protect the integrity of every delivery. They’re operated by trained and qualified professionals to ensure a safe journey.

Attentive Service

Our white glove delivery professionals are alert and efficient, ensuring swift and safe delivery every time. We’re also available to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your delivery, and we welcome feedback after your delivery has been made.

Furniture Assembly

If you require product assembly, our delivery professionals are available to place your furniture in its new home and assemble it in a safe and timely manner. You have peace of mind knowing your pieces were constructed correctly, and you don’t have to wrestle with heavy boxes and awkwardly shaped packages to decorate your home the way you want to.

What are the benefits of white glove delivery?

Aside from incredible convenience, why should you use white glove delivery? Premium delivery has the following benefits:

Top-quality customer care

With white glove delivery, you receive the highest standard of customer care.

At Designer’s Mark, our customers have always been our number one priority. By introducing white glove delivery services, we can promise that you’ll be looked after throughout the entire process – not just the shopping stage.

Decreased chance of damage

With premium packaging materials, temperature control, moisture control, and delicate handling, white glove delivery gives you the best chance of receiving undamaged products. We take these extra steps to guarantee the safety of every transported item.

Whether you’ve ordered a large sofa with custom fabric or a small, fragile vase, you can rest assured knowing your order will get to your home in perfect condition.

Peace of mind

When you invest in high-quality pieces for your home, you want to know that they’ll be treated with the appropriate amount of care. Premium delivery services provide an additional layer of peace of mind by protecting your pieces from damage or even theft.

White glove delivery also takes care of placing and assembling these pieces in your home, handling steep curving stairways, or confusing assembly instructions on your behalf.

Dependable service

White glove delivery removes any anxiety surrounding delays, missing, or lost packages. Our trained professionals handle your orders as if they were their own, providing regular updates, reliable tracking information, and accurate delivery dates and times.

It’s important to know that your purchases are being handled by one entity and that the interest in getting it safely into the client’s home rests with Designer’s Mark; from purchase to delivery, to placement. If you have any questions about our white glove delivery services, contact our team at 561-961-4149 today.

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