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wall art

Choosing The Perfect Wall Art

An often neglected, but terribly important, part of the interior design process is wall art. We spend a lot of time thinking about function, furniture, and arranging our space, even choosing the colors we want before starting. Wall art has…

wall coverings

Designing Your Space Arte’ Wall Coverings

There’s nothing less personal than a blank wall. When you need to pull a space together, make a disjointed room cohesive, the best way to do this is with wall coverings. Bring your personal style to the forefront of your…

custom accessories

The Impact Custom Home Accessories Have On Your Space

Without a doubt, home accessories are the bow that ties your space together. They’re the bursts of individuality that can bring personality to even the simplest space, and they make a house feel like a home. Custom home accessories are…

home accessories

Using Home Accessories To Transform A Room

Using home accessories and décor to transform a room is the most fun and creative way to express your style throughout your home. It’s incredible how the smallest of details – like glass or ceramic ornamentals, pillows, rugs – can…


Why & When To Choose Custom Area Rugs For Your Space

When creating the perfect space in your home, area rugs may not the first thing that come to mind, but they should be! These commonly overlooked aspects have the incredible ability to truly make (or break) the vision you desire….

Arteriors Home Accessories

Using Arteriors Home Accessories To Liven Up Your Home

It’s the details that bring your home to life. Filling in the gaps between larger furnishings and adding some much-needed personality into a new space. Arteriors Home Accessories draw inspiration from global style, community, and always focus on quality craftsmanship…

home decor

Creative Ways To Utilize Home Décor

Designer’s Mark has been a source of creativity for designers and clients alike for 25 years. Designer’s Mark is unique for its innovative interior design approach to South Florida living. We have an identity that comes from living in the…


A Look At Arteriors Home Lighting

Arteriors home lighting provides an unparalleled selection of inspirational lighting fixtures, with pieces set to shine no matter your home’s style. From the sleek and sophisticated to the dramatic and bold, Arteriors lighting fixtures are handcrafted with care and attention…

home decor

Accessorize With Home Décor & Accessories From Designer’s Mark

Using decorative accessories to incorporate your personal style into a home is what makes it your home. This is a place for you to entertain, work, and unwind after a long day. Feeling comfortable in your home is essential in…

lighting your space

Tips For Adding Lighting To Your Space

Designer’s Mark can assist with any lighting project, whether you’re considering track installation or a system to enhance an art collection or event space. We work with exceptional brands that offer customizable systems and pieces made-to-order that not only illuminate…

home decor

Using Home Décor To Define A Space

The way you decorate your home sets the tone for the way you begin and end each day. Personalized home décor allows you to own the space that you inhabit and tells guests about who you are and what excites…

custom lighting

Custom Lighting Ideas For Your Space

The importance of lighting is often overlooked when designing a room. Lighting does not have to be purely functional but can be used to transform a space with its design and placement. This is particularly the case with custom lighting,…