Must-Have Home Accessories For 2024


As we welcome 2024, re-designing our home can add a burst of energy and freshness into the new year. Home accessories provide a fast, effective, and inspiring way to freshen up your home without the significant effort of other home design changes. While the changes are small, they’re impactful. The right home accessories can shift the tone of a neutral space, creating purposeful environments for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

We’ve collected some of our favorite luxury home accessories to provide you with a guide for accessorizing in 2024.

Home Accessories

Home Accessories: The 2024 Trends

2024 is shaping up to be an interesting year for home design trends. On the tail-end of the pandemic, we’ve seen our living spaces turned into a working space, comfort with uncompromising style, and changes to how we experience our homes. Whether you use your home as a working space affects how you should be designing around it. Furnishings and design choices that let you separate your workspace from your home space are vital in the 2024 trend outlook.

Maximalism may find its year in 2024’s design trends, but there’s more than one way to implement it. Even for minimalist spaces, we’re seeing a rise in the smart use of textures, tones, and lighting. Putting together a modern, design-forward space with a minimalist atmosphere means finding depth and texture where you wouldn’t expect it, and carefully choosing pieces that let certain areas of your space shine.

This means that now, more than ever, home accessories need to be chosen with personal style, practical requirements, and impact in mind. Our ACCESSORIZE service does just that — we work with you, your space, and your needs to curate a hand-picked selection of home accessories that will elevate your home without cluttering it.

Designer Home Accessories

There’s no end to inspiration from these luxury home accessories. Drawing on worldwide inspirations and nature — a heavy lean into 2024’s expected trends — they create pieces that stand alone as works of art and those that fill out and blend into a cohesive space.

guaxs home accessories


GUAXS uses traditional techniques to produce hand-crafted glass objects, lighting, tableware, and accessories. Annette and Anselm Schaugg create a plaster mold of every GUAXS piece at their atelier in Germany. They oversee the production of their pieces as they’re hand-blown from glass, with only the best quality materials being signed off for refinement and engraving. From their Objects collection, we’ve fallen in love with Lantern. These candleholders consist of natural glass tones with a frosted finish, expertly crafted with a wooden textured base. The light’s diffusion is soft and warm, with glass colors ranging from light neutrals to smoke grey and dark indigo. The Lantern range is available in several sizes, perfect for layering and playing with height in your home design.

sferra home accessories


SFERRA has over 130 years of experience in the luxury bedding industry. They’re at the forefront of comfort, elegance, and styling designs with practicality. Moreover, they choose only the best base materials in the production of their collections. We want to highlight a home accessory that’s often overlooked: throw blankets. Whether in your bedroom, your lounge, or set up in your outdoor living space, throw blankets offer a practical and stylish means to elevate your living space. SFERRA’s wool, cotton, cashmere, and linen throw blankets make the perfect addition to cozy up your space with elegance. The Colorato Throw is a sure highlight, made from wool and Alpaca blends in mixed tones.

pigeon poodle home accessories

Pigeon & Poodle

Pigeon & Poodle know the meaning of details. It’s not all about your larger furnishings — in fact, without the right home accessories, your space is going to feel empty and unlived. Their collections of bathroom goods, baskets, and desk accessories make life simple, and stylish. Their collections include a myriad of home goods made in a matching set, so items like soap dishes, bathroom trays, toothbrush holders, and bathroom wastebaskets have the same cohesive theme, pulling the room together.

interlude home accessories

Interlude Home

The Nippon floor mirror by Interlude Home is a breath of fresh air for modern spaces. Elevated but not plain, this mirror acts to open a room and add the visual illusion of extra space. Its folded tabs in a brushed brass finish are reminiscent of an oversized clip frame. We think this piece would work particularly well in entryways and dressing areas. The metallic finish also makes this a very easy piece to style, noting that its thin frame and clean design pair well with many existing interior design color schemes.

pullcast home accessories


Small changes make big differences. PullCast have expanded on this philosophy to create collections of bespoke hardware that add personal style to your home with ease. As far as home accessories go, cabinet hardware and doorknobs may seem like they fall under the radar. But, with an expert hand, custom hardware can make all the difference. It can visually contrast with different finishes on cabinets and doors themselves, and it can also make a space cohesive with other large furnishings. If your kitchen taps and color accents are gold, don’t settle for silver cabinet hardware.

The Texture collection, featuring Macri and Larch, is one of our designer highlights. It draws on natural inspirations, combining a ridged wood grain texture with clean edges for a modern application. They are available as square drawer pulls and additionally in a longer form for cabinet handles.

Designer’s Mark: Your Boca Raton Interior Design Showroom for Inspiration

Are you ready to embrace the new year? At our Boca Raton interior design showroom, you can be inspired by these designs up close and in person. We believe that home design inspiration can strike anywhere and everywhere, and our ACCESSORIZE team is ready to bring your vision to life.

Whether you have your home accessory list prepared or you’re ready to be surprised, make your mark today with Designer’s Mark.

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