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modern furniture

Many homeowners run into the problem of finding their home interior design boring and predictable. To update their homes, they’ll follow mismatched interior design trends with no thought toward retaining cohesion. Simply following trends quickly creates disharmony throughout your home design. ​The key to revamping your home design is introducing modern furniture pieces using this article as a guide to blend them seamlessly with the rest of your home decor.

modern furniture

Characteristics Of Modern Furniture

At its core, modern furniture is simple, each piece boasts clean, flowing lines devoid of ornate detail. An easy way to visualize a piece of furniture having “flowing lines” is to imagine how you’d cut out a picture of that piece. For most modern furniture, you’d rarely need to make any jagged cuts and your scissors would glide around each edge.

Modern furniture design focuses on functionality over decoration. Any detail in a modern furniture piece is introduced in the fabrics and patterns. Geometric shapes and angles are popular pattern choices. Others include simplified florals and checkerboard patterns.

Modern furniture designers also play around with the visual weight of each piece. Some modern pieces appear light and airy. This effect is achieved using transparent materials such as glass or acrylic, as well as thin legs to lift the piece off the ground. Other modern pieces appear solid and grounded. This effect is achieved through a bulky, bulbous silhouette, wide details, and solid bases.

modern furniture

How To Blend Modern Furniture With Other Design Styles

Because a lot of modern furniture design is simple and understated, it isn’t difficult to blend most modern pieces with any existing decor.

However, some interior design styles present more of a blending challenge than others. Here are 4 common interior design styles that might not automatically welcome modern pieces, as well as steps you can take to create an upgraded and cohesive home.

1. Traditional or Contemporary

Traditional interiors are characterized by symmetry, curved and detailed lines, and elegant finishing. Blending modern furniture into a Traditional space can be challenging because their priorities differ.

Switching out your lighting fixtures is a simple way to modernize a Traditional space. Since most rooms have multiple light sources, you’ll create continuity by upgrading them all to modern alternatives. Modern lighting fixtures are simple and clean. This is unlike Traditional lighting fixtures that lean more ornate and detailed.

Another way to revamp a Traditional space is by mixing Traditional patterns with Modern silhouettes. Ornate florals, damask, and pinstripe patterns are common in Traditional interiors. If you have your eye on a modern furniture piece with an outrageous color scheme, reupholster it with any of these patterns. This will blend it into your home without compromising on the streamlined shape of the piece.

2. Scandinavian

Scandinavian, or Scandi, interiors are clean, streamlined, and spacious – not unlike modern interiors! To revamp a Scandinavian-inspired home, you want to add new materials or new colors to the space.

Scandi design is heavily influenced by nature and uses organic, raw materials to create calmness and serenity. Any new modern pieces need to reflect the grounded attitude of Scandi design.

A glass coffee table fits beautifully into a Scandi living room because it continues the through-line of lightness. Dark brown Boucle armchairs add unexpected texture while looking at home in the room. A pastel pink rug adds a fun pop of color while remaining gentle and relaxing.

3. Rustic

Rustic interior design is characterized by rough, aged, and cozy furniture. Rustic interiors are relaxing and casual. This makes it tricky to introduce structured and sleek modern furniture. Look for modern pieces that feel grounded and heavy.

Stick to neutral tones when picking out your modern pieces to create a connection between the raw materials used in rustic decor. Textured fabrics (such as linen or cotton) are great options for tying your modern furniture into the worn atmosphere created by the rest of your decor.

Use wooden furniture with stains that match the existing tones within your home. For a lighter and beachier feel, use pieces made from bleached or whitewashed wood.

4. Art Deco

Although Art Deco style originated in the 1910s, its central design principles have recently regained popularity. Art Deco is known for its shiny finishes, fun colors, and geometric detailing. This makes it one of the easier styles to mix with modern furniture, which shares in focusing on color and materials.

The difference between Art Deco and modern furniture is that Art Deco is more prone to detailed patterns. You can think of modern furniture as a more streamlined, simple version of Art Deco.

If your home design leans toward the Art Deco style, introduce modern furniture in communal spaces like the living or dining room. These modern pieces will simplify the room’s design and keep it from feeling dated.

Use modern furniture pieces in colors that complement the existing color palette, but don’t be afraid of bold and unexpected color pairings. Because these design styles are similar, you can get away with some experimentation.

modern furniture

Modern Furniture Brands We Love

At Designer’s Mark, we have a wide range of modern furniture brands that we know and love. If you’re looking for the perfect high-quality pieces to revamp your home, here are a few brands with modern catalogs you can peruse:


With a motto like art for living, AL2 is a brand guaranteed to upgrade your interiors with class and style. AL2’s furniture has subtle details, and it takes an intriguing angle on modern simplicity. Their prioritization of comfort and functionality puts AL2 at the forefront of modern design, ensuring high-quality pieces that stand the test of time.


Donghia furniture is heavily inspired by mid-century design. They create modern pieces that easily blend into traditional and classical homes. Donghia furniture shows a mastery of form, with pieces ranging in visual weight from bulky and grounded to breezy and light. If you’re looking for modern furniture with textured textiles, Donghia is the brand to choose.

Elite Modern

Edgy and futuristic, Elite Modern furniture is known for their daring designs and surprising colorways. Elite Modern has an effortless understanding of how to use the lines of a piece of furniture to tell a story. They use materials that will never go out of style, making even the most futuristic of designs feel ageless and classic.

modern furniture

Modern Furniture from Designer’s Mark

Modern furniture cuts to the heart of great design, letting the silhouettes and materials speak for themselves. There’s no need for frilly details when subtlety and functionality are your goals.

Modern furniture is timeless because simplicity is timeless. Whatever your preferred interior design style, adding modern furniture to your home has the potential to revamp and refresh the space.

Now that you know how to seamlessly integrate modern furniture into your home, visit the Designer’s Mark Showroom to find stylish, high-quality modern pieces. If you have any questions about our stock of modern furniture, contact our friendly and experienced team at (561) 961-4149 today.

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