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Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2023 and welcomed 2024, new resolutions can find their home in the re-ignition of your home decor inspiration. There’s no better time to take a deeper look at your home design and how it’s working for your space than the new year.

The new year brings new beginnings — and a change in home decor can signify a shift in your daily life and your enjoyment of your home.

Despite this boundless space for inspiration, it is essential to keep your redesign plans on track. At the start of this new year, ask yourself this important question: How did my home serve my needs last year? By reflecting on the year just finished, you can find spaces where your home can grow.

We’re looking at 2024’s incoming trends to help guide your home’s revitalization, inspiring you to find the balance between what’s popular with designers and what suits your style.

home decor

Home Decor Trend Spotlight

In the world of luxury home design, there’s no instant trend changeover. So, you’ll often find the styles from the past years and newer collections sharing the same stage. After all, luxury furnishings stand out because of their longer, more sustainable sourcing and production processes, culminating in quality fixtures that stand the test of time.

However, as more designers begin to release their seasonal 2024 collections, the following new trends will start to take center stage.

  1. Tiles: Move over, marble. Terracotta and natural tiles seem to be taking a leading role in 2024, with designers reaching out for more inventive and intriguing tiling options. We’re not just tiling kitchens and bathrooms anymore — these have found a place throughout the house, on walls, and even on ceilings. While marble’s time isn’t ending any time soon, tiles are certainly its stylish younger brother. Terracotta tiles bring earthy, neutral tones that are making a comeback from the 90s, and painted tiles embrace the colorful maximalism that’s on its way back into our homes.
  2. Texture: The right use of texture has always been a home decor essential, but in 2024, we expect textures to lean much more towards the natural and away from the glossy. Limewashed walls, especially in combination with the right tiling, provide a much more natural texture to round out a space. A small amount of boucle from 2023 is going to be sticking around, if it doesn’t overpower a space. Light touches of more visually interesting textures provide a textural pop to a room, much like the effect of adding a pop of color.
  3. Victorian Revival: This one may seem a little out of left field, but if you’ve been reading your trends right, you’ll know that Victorian-era design has a special place in modern home decor trends. We love taking history and bringing it into the 21st century, and Victorian influences are now finding their way back into our homes. The key highlights we’ve adopted from this design period are patterns and crown molding. The Victorian era’s approach to patterns has seen its use in design trends in previous years, with dark, nature-inspired patterns adding a rich tone to a space. Crown molding offers a way to break the space between the walls and the ceiling, making it an easy addition that can frame a room.
  4. Brown for Neutral: We’ve been seeing cool-toned neutrals for several years now, including the persistence of Millennial Gray. In 2024, we’re looking back to the 90s’ warm neutrals with brown being of particular interest. Brown, as a new neutral, blends cohesively with our love for nature-inspired decor. Brown can be warm, and inviting, and most of all, it can feel cozy instead of clinical when used well. Creating an inviting space can be difficult, but the right neutral base is a great starting point. Paired with warm lighting, a blend of indoor and outdoor living, and talented styling, it’s shaping up to be a home decor theme-setter for the year ahead.
  5. Elevated Lighting: Lighting should be effortless. Smart lighting solutions are quickly becoming the go-to in interior home design. Bulbs with adjustable brightness levels, different temperatures, and functional lighting are all essential in 2024. Whether your space is multifunctional or you like to change up your daytime and nighttime atmospheres, your lighting fixtures should be ready for anything.
  6. Wallpaper: If your space is lacking color, texture, or patterns, wallpaper is one of the easiest solutions. This is one of the quickest additions you can make to your space to completely overhaul its atmosphere. With such a wide range of textures and colors to choose from, from neutrals to bright and bold statements, you can bring in something for the new year with ease. Some designers have highlighted using wallpaper on doors for a more adventurous, design-forward home.
  7. Color, Color, and more Color: Color can be comforting. With a shift to warmer neutrals and inviting interiors, we’re seeing less and less of the washed-out color palette. There’s been an uptick in warm buttery yellows, browns, and earthy tones, and in 2024, we think a lot of other similar tones will follow suit. These colors work exceptionally well in bringing the outdoors in and creating a cohesive living space. They’ll be right at home in a Floridian summer and balance out the natural inspirations that are still following through from 2023 furniture trends.
home decor

Luxury Home Decor in Boca Raton

Home decor always starts with your style. At Designer’s Mark, we know that it’s important to love your home first and foremost before rolling with the trends. Our Boca Raton custom designer furniture showroom has the best of the best on display for 2024 and we have standout pieces from luxury designers from previous years.

Visit us for a private consultation with one of our interior design consultants and let us help you find your 2024 home vision.

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