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designer fabrics

Every homeowner gets to the point where their home design feels boring and predictable. The problem is that throwing random patterns into the mix creates confusion, adding strange colors destroys cohesion, and nothing else seems to work.

When you’re feeling uninspired by your home decor, remember that you don’t need big changes to make a big impact. Designer fabrics breathe new life into your spaces through pattern, color, and texture. The best part? They’re incredibly easy to incorporate.

If you’re ready to enhance your home, read this guide to using designer fabrics in your home design and learn how to enhance your spaces with ease.

designer fabrics

What Are Designer Fabrics?

It’s common knowledge that in the fashion world, the best fabrics are made under meticulous supervision and often involve a lot of work by hand. You can see these exclusive fabrics on catwalks, where fashion designers use unique fabrics to design statement high-fashion pieces.

But designer fabrics aren’t limited to fashion – they’re used in home decor too.

Designer Fabrics vs. Luxury Fabrics

Nearly all designer fabrics are considered luxury, but not all luxury fabrics are designer. Although similar concepts, designer fabrics, and luxury fabrics are different from each other.

Luxury fabrics are high-quality fabrics made using rare materials, one-of-a-kind designs, or complex weaving methods with exotic yarns. Designer fabrics are those designed and produced by specific, renowned luxury fabric brands or designers.

Fabric designers who operate primarily within interior design spaces will produce fabrics that are hardwearing and able to withstand daily use.

designer fabrics

Where Are Designer Fabrics Used?

In interior design, designer fabrics have two main uses: 1) upholstery and 2) drapery.

Upholstery refers to the practice of adding soft, padded textiles to furniture to make it comfier. You can reupholster existing fabric-covered furniture pieces, like sofas, dining chairs, headboards, and ottomans, to breathe new life into tired pieces or change up the style of your room.

Drapery refers to window treatments and other instances of hanging fabric decoratively. Tablecloths and table runners can also be thought of as a type of drapery.

Using designer fabrics in your home makes a statement and conveys a sense of luxury that can’t be replicated in other ways.

How Much Do Designer Fabrics Cost?

Designer fabrics come in a range of prices. It’s difficult to say how much designer fabric costs on average because the cost is influenced by many factors. The cost is influenced by the materials, durability, and thickness of the fabric as well as the design and complexity of the weaving process.

designer fabrics

Qualities of Designer Fabrics

Every designer fabric can be described by its pattern, color, and texture. These qualities impact the potential uses for each fabric, helping guide your decisions when trying to find the right fabric for your current project.


The pattern of a designer fabric refers to the design you see when you look at the fabric. A pattern could be something simple like stripes or polka-dots, or it could be as complex as a hand painted scene from the middle of a jungle.

Different patterns are better suited to certain interior design styles, and they will help you create cohesion or playfulness depending on what you choose. Learning how to combine different patterns will help you design a beautiful home that displays your personality.

How to Combine Different Patterns

Combining patterns is an art that many homeowners struggle to master. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much prior knowledge to understand. To combine patterns effectively, try the following:

  • Stick to a color scheme. You can get away with mismatching patterns if their color palettes are cohesive. Before incorporating designer fabric into a room, make sure the colors in the fabric pick up on some of the existing colors in that room.
  • Play with scale. Using the same type of pattern in different sizes throughout a room creates a cohesive but interesting flow of ideas. In a young girl’s bedroom, for example, you could have large polka dots as wallpaper with small polka dots for her curtains.
  • Follow the throughlines. If in doubt, try to explain the existing patterns or design in your room with two or three words. When on the hunt for designer fabric, look for fabrics that echo those few words. For example, two fabrics with ornate and detailed patterns would work well together, while a fabric with a simple, swirly, and modern pattern would clash with them both.


Designer fabric brands sit at the heart of the majority of luxury interior design trends. Their collections offer a glimpse into the future of interior design, giving you a sneak peek into the color trends for the upcoming year. If your goal is to create timeless and trendy spaces, look at the colors of new fabric collections and find ways to use these colors throughout your home.

Using designer fabrics in your interior design is a playful way to incorporate color into your home.

How to Use Fabric to Add Color to Your Home Design

Adding color is the simplest way to revamp your home design and create eye-catching moments throughout a room. If you’re looking to add color to your home, try the following:

  • Reupholster your furniture. Reupholstering existing or antique furniture can modernize and revitalize old pieces. Play around with your home design by adding an unexpected pop of color through an armchair, your dining chairs, or an entire L-section sofa.
  • Upgrade your tablescapes. Tablecloths and table runners are essential pieces of every tablescape puzzle. Add effortless style to your home and upgrade your meals with colorful designer fabric tablecloths. Tablecloths are easy to switch out, giving you ample opportunity to play with color trends or decorate for different seasons in the year.
  • Revamp your curtains. Creating custom window treatments is the easiest way to upgrade your home. Luxurious and personalized, custom curtains add stunning dimension to each room and offer the perfect opportunity to seamlessly introduce colorful contrast in your interior design.
designer fabrics


Texture is the missing link in most home’s interior design. It takes a room from put-together to exceptional and from decorated to styled. Designer fabrics are abundant with different, ranging from silky smooth to rough and heavy.

Designer fabrics with a lot of texture are great options for homeowners who want to keep their decorating simple and clean but are afraid of their designs feeling boring or stagnant.

How to Incorporate Texture into Your Home Design With Fabrics

When you know how to incorporate texture into your home designs, you open a world of comfort and style. To add texture to your home design, try the following:

  • Add sofa throws. Throws provide an easy way to upgrade your living room and make simple sofas and armchairs more interesting. You can use lightweight cotton or linen throws during the warmer months and thick woolen throws when it starts to get cooler.
  • Layer your tablecloths. Who said one tablecloth was enough? By layering tablecloths and table runners with pieces of various textures, you convey intentionality and warmth to your family and guests at every meal.
  • Hang fabric wallpaper. Custom wallpapers and fabric wall hangings are beautiful ways to add interest to simple spaces. An embroidered piece of fabric can double as a piece of artwork, giving your home a conversation starter to rival the greatest paintings.
  • Add throw Pillows. Pillows, lumbar supports, and bolsters are a great and quick way to uplift a living room or bedroom. They can be filled with hypo-allergenic fill or feather down to suit. Each pillow can be totally customized by using as mentioned, different fill options, multiple fabrics, and textures as well as various outer edges.

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