Trends In Luxury Furniture: What’s In & What’s Out


Like any design-focused area, trends in luxury furniture change from year to year and season to season. While keeping up with these trends can result in several home makeovers, we prefer to use these trends as springboards for your own home inspiration and revitalization.

Our luxury furniture store in Boca Raton is the perfect starting place for finding your inspiration through innovative furniture design and styling. So, what’s in and what’s out as 2023 draws to a close? We’re here to help you stay on top of the changing trends in luxury home design.

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What’s in for Luxury Furniture Trends?

These are a few trends we’ve picked out that have blossomed as 2023 has continued—and we expect them to carry on into 2024. This year has been about embracing balance and cohesiveness in design while making sure that you’re adding character and your own personal style at every step of the process.

Minimalist/Maximalist Balance

Interestingly, both minimalism and maximalism are finding fewer places in modern luxury design. While these are two classic styles that aren’t going anywhere any time soon, we expect to see fewer designs inspired by these trends as we continue into 2024. Luxury furniture comes in all sorts of shapes and packages, and more common this year are the “chameleon” pieces that can suit a wide variety of styles and trends with good home styling. Designers are aiming for the middle ground between these two styles: the simplicity and functionality of minimalist design, and the character and color of maximalist design.

Earthy Retro

Trends come and go through many different time periods. In 2023, it’s the 70s’ turn once again. The resurgence of this design style was originally brought about using earthy oranges and browns when creating natural-inspired spaces. Instead of merely copying the design styles of the 1970s, modern luxury furniture trends add something new to the market—neo style, renewed and revitalized for a new age. We love pairing classic 70s tiling and hues with natural design components, like plants, creating a space that blends the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

Smart Statements

Statement pieces in design have been used for centuries. A statement piece draws the eye, shows off your personal style, and in the best cases, can start a conversation. Luxury statement pieces offer an entirely new level of inspiring design and character. You can make a statement in many ways: unique lighting fixtures, custom dining or office tables, and wall art are just the start.

We’re inspired by Art and Alchemy’s continuous dedication to innovation and creativity in design, and their works easily elevate any space they’re used in. The Coral Pendant fixture is one of our personal favorites. It’s an effortless metallic statement piece perfect for hanging above dining tables to spark a conversation, as no two are alike. It’s available in 11 finishes and accents, crafted from cast aluminum, welded together, and lit by LEDs from above. With the rise in the use of natural materials and metallic finishes, this is the perfect natural-inspired complement to brutalist spaces.

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What’s Out?

Trends take some time to disappear, as the vestiges tend to trickle down through fast furniture and social media hype. Nevertheless, there have been some obvious shifts in luxury furniture design over the recent years—and some obvious trends on their way out.

Inconsistent Styling

Gone are the days of a beach house in the city center. While it is good to be inspired by design trends you love, beach and farmhouse styles have their place, and it’s not in a high rise. A fully themed home can create a jarring effect when balanced against the area’s exterior, and this break in cohesiveness results in dissonance for many. This doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from these styles. Custom hardware is an easy way to add a touch of style and the theme you want without overdoing the style in your space.

The key to adding these styles to your space is effectively using home accessories. Home accessories can make or break a space. They fill up empty spaces but can easily overpower spaces that are already visually cluttered. Our ACCESSORIZE service does all the hard work for you. We take your home’s style and goals and hand-select accessories that will complete your space without overpowering it—including drawing from themed inspirations that you want to see in your home.

Fast Furniture

Fast furniture has been on its way out for years, but with the drive for sustainability taking a more important place in our buying decisions, this is cementing its end. Now, designers strive to create pieces that will stand the test of time and act as heirloom furnishings—luxury furniture works of art that can continue to inspire for generations to come. This is done with the use of natural materials and quality craftsmanship, often by hand, using skilled techniques passed down from the experience of centuries of artisans. Traditional glass-blowing techniques, for example, are highlighted in the work of SkLO.

Open Plan Design

Open plan design has run its course. This trend started to find its end during the height of the COVID pandemic, as our living situations changed, and we started using our homes differently. In addition to a resurgence of the home office, we started seeking more privacy in our spaces. Open plan design works in the opposite direction: it pulls spaces together. However, open-plan spaces still have their use when used wisely. For example, you can merge an outdoor and indoor living and entertainment space to create a dedicated space for hosting.

Luxury Furniture Store in Boca Raton

The journey to your new home starts with the right luxury furniture store. At Designer’s Mark, we pride ourselves in helping you through every step of your home revitalization, whether you’re just adding a few accessories or you’re ready for a full style and design overhaul. Our Boca Raton showroom has the best of the best on display, and our interior design consultants are on hand to help you find your inspiration. Contact us at (561) 961-4149 for a private consultation.

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