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Trends In Luxury Furniture: What’s In & What’s Out

Like any design-focused area, trends in luxury furniture change from year to year and season to season. While keeping up with these trends can result in several home makeovers, we prefer to use these trends as springboards for your own…


Creating Timeless Holiday Moments With Verellen Furniture

From the cozy crackling fires to bright bulbs and green garland, there truly is no place like home for the holidays. The holidays are a time meant for joy, happiness, and most importantly, togetherness. Holidays can bring family and friends,…

interior lighting design

Light Up The Holidays With Interior Lighting Design

There’s no better time for revitalizing your interior lighting design than the holidays, the season is full of joy, family, and moments of inspiration and comfort in your home design. When setting the tone for your home’s style, lighting is…


Home Decor Ideas To Create An Inviting Space

Having a beautifully styled house doesn’t necessarily mean you have a welcoming and inviting home. Many homeowners struggle to bridge the gap between perfect and personal, and they live in frustration with their home decor. Their guests never feel truly…


Get Inspired With Our Top Picks In Luxury Lighting

Lighting plays a larger role in home design than you may think. Whether on display or smartly hidden, lighting plays both functional and aesthetic roles in a space—meaning it needs to be chosen and installed with an expert hand. It…


Tips On How To Create A Home Interior Design You Love

When creating your home design, are you focusing on how everything looks? Or are you more interested in the feeling your decor creates? Feeling disconnected from your home’s design often leads to mindless, frantic shopping to try to fix the…

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