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Ask The Interior Design Pros: Our Most Asked Questions

With over 25 years of experience in the design industry, the  team at Designer’s Mark have built and continue to grow a loyal customer base due to their commitment to excellence. From accessorizing your space to match your style to…

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Need Inspiration? Visit Boca Raton’s Premier Interior Design Showroom

Designer’s Mark has been a source of inspiration for designers and architects since 1997. A part of the beautiful South Florida landscape, we have established the brand as the premier luxury interior design showroom in the region. We’re based in West…

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High-End Homes: Luxury Interiors

Designer’s Mark has established itself as a premier design house for high-end South Florida homes and custom hospitality projects. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest news and cutting-edge design trends. Custom Interior Design Designer’s Mark prides itself…

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How Your Interior Design Influences Your Mood

You’ve probably been spending a lot of time in your home lately, so it’s time for an important question: how does your home make you feel? We know that interior design plays an enormous role in how we perceive our…

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Current Interior Design Trends

Trends tend to shift and change as cultural values and aesthetics change. A cue for this can be seen in the growth of the sustainable design sector within the last five years. From issues related to climate change and the…

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Fabrics & Wall Coverings By Romo

A Designer’s Spotlight on Romo, the iconic British design house of fine luxury fabrics, textiles and custom wallcoverings. Founded in 1902 by Robert Mould, today Romo is a fifth-generation family-owned business. Romo is the flagship brand of The Romo Group…


How The Right Wallpaper Can Change A Room

Wallpaper has made a roaring reappearance in interior design, with more and more creative ideas surfacing daily. The right wallpaper can completely transform a room when it is used correctly – here are our favorite ways to make a statement…

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Contemporary Decorative Light Fixtures By Tech Lighting

Lighting plays an essential part in interior design. We think about natural light and how it affects the way we perceive our homes, but light fixtures play just as large a role in turning a house into a home. Don’t…

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Designer’s Mark: Interior Design Team That Leads The Industry

At Designer’s Mark, we offer some of the world’s highest quality and expertly crafted brands. Collectively, we are a team that strive to create within the industry with innovative and creative vision. Designer’s Mark is a member of the International…

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Designer Spotlight: Vahallan Hand-Painted Wall Coverings

A Designer’s Spotlight feature on Vahallan Hand-Painted Wall Coverings, makers of custom hand-painted wall treatments of exceptional craftsmanship, color space, and design. Established by Dan Nelson in 1997 in Lincoln NE, Vahallan is an industry leader in the wall-covering market….

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Plan & Visualize Your Home Design With Designer’s Mark

At Designer’s Mark we’re aware our lives have been upended by current events. In the moment as we deal with a change in our routines, having the time to be still, to dream and cultivate your creativity, can be therapeutic…

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Interior Design Quiz: What’s Your Style?

Everyone is different. We all have different tastes and styles. As with fashion, interior design can speak volumes about one’s personality. Do you know what your preferred interior design style is? Designer’s Mark has put together a quiz to help…