Where Do High-end Home Decorators Get Their Inspiration From?

high-end home decorator

Inspiration is a crucial part of any design process, and home decorating is no exception.

It’s the difference between a cookie-cutter room design and something entirely unique that’s filled with personality and style.

High-end decorators are known for creating stunning and relevant decor designs. They weave personality and timeless style into a home with the careful use of key design elements, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources.

Are you ready to be inspired? Let’s dive into the most common sources of inspiration for a high-end home decorator.

Their Clients

The number one place a home decorator will search for inspiration is their clients. Before imagining a single aspect of the room’s design, they’ll find out as much about their clients as possible.

What is their personality like? What is their morning routine? What aesthetic do they enjoy? What kind of clothes do they wear?

By learning a client’s personality, inspiration points, and style preferences, decorators have a solid basis to build from when they start designing. They can ensure the layout serves their clients’ lifestyles and include functional decor to increase the usefulness of each space.


Once they understand the client they’re designing for, some home decorators zoom out to find more inspiration. Travel can be hugely inspiring for a home decorator. It opens their eyes to surprising color combinations and complex layering.

Travel weaves different cultures, architectural styles, and colors together to create a gorgeous blend of experiences. A home decorator could be inspired by the color palette of a foreign country or the feeling that a friend’s vacation home brought about.


From the deepest pits of the Atlantic Ocean to the northern lights that dance across an icy sky, nature is the vastest source of inspiration you can find. Home decorators have used nature to create entire interior design styles.

Hampton’s style is built around the colors of the coast and the feeling of relaxation, Bohemian style spirals from a core of jungle vines and rich floral tones, and Biophilic style celebrates greenery and natural light.

Nature provides an endless color palette for home decorators to work with. And when they’re paired with breathtaking organic lines and silhouettes, you end up with the interiors of dreams.


When creating a picture-perfect home interior, it can help to turn to actual pictures for your inspiration. A piece of artwork can form the pillar of a room’s design, dictating the mood a home decorator will aim to capture in the rest of the decor.

Dark Victorian artwork brings antique furniture and soft textures together using a classic, moody color palette. Vibrant and modern abstract art helps to ground an interior filled with organically shaped furniture, acrylic pieces, and a playful color palette. Sculptures and vases are part of a different sort of artwork that can also form a foundation for a room’s design.


Some home decorators can build a room’s design from nothing more than a material sample. From organic materials like wood and linen fabric to manufactured materials like acrylic and metals, you can use one material as a starting point for the rest of the design. Whether it’s a texture, shape, or color, it can be useful to look closely at the materials within a furniture piece to decide if it’s right for the room.

Industrial style is inspired by various metal finishes and raw brick, and it then expands to include contrasting elements like warm light fixtures and billowy curtains. Farm-style homes often use exposed stone as a design foundation, before bringing in fabrics like cotton, leather, and wool.

Furniture That Inspires From Designer’s Mark

Home decorators can find inspiration anywhere. Whether you look inwards and examine your personality when designing your home or shift your gaze to the furthest corners of the earth, there is always inspiration to be found.

At Designer’s Mark, we love nothing more than seeing a homeowner inspired to create the home of their dreams. If you’re looking to up your interior spaces with custom furniture, wallcoverings, or decor accessories, you’ll find an extensive range of stunning options at our design showroom in Boca Raton, Florida. Our you can keep up to date with our latest news by following our Facebook page.

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