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At Designer’s Mark, we know that seeing is believing. That’s why our interior design showroom has everything you need to see (and feel) to help create the home of your dreams.

While your design inspirations might come from visual images, seeing the project through requires that little extra help. If you’re on the fence about a new piece of furniture or a new home redesign, the Designer’s Mark showroom is the place to start.

What The Designer’s Mark Interior Showroom Offers

Our showroom is home for everything design, featuring favorite collections from our design consultants, and a wide range of accessories and fabric samples.

Together, these can help you visualize your future space. Things, like textures and small accessories are hard to picture in your mind when thinking about how you want your space to turn out. That’s where we come in—giving you a space to feel inspired.

Staging Sets

We are proud to carry the finest designer brands in the industry and the best way to highlight these is by creating mini stages of furnishings. This way, you can see how we recommend dressing a living room or dining room. Also, it gives you the freedom to see how you’d put your own spin on it. We want to show you how pieces from different designers can come together, but you create the style that suits your home.

Home Accessory Selection

We’ve created a true home accessory haven in our boutique interior showroom, collecting only the best and most inspiring pieces that turn your house into a place to call home. We’ve staged them across several sections of the showroom to help inspire you, giving you examples of complements and contrasts.

We also have ACCESSORIZE, our very own custom accessory service. Accessory expert Jill and the design team have created countless homes and understand the importance and impact of home accessories. If you’re struggling to fill in the gaps in your space, she’s on hand to help.

Fabric Samples

Textures can be one of the hardest things to visualize during the design process. At the Designer’s Mark showroom, we have fabric samples from a wide range of brands, like Arte and Vahallan, so you can choose your textures up close.

Whether you’re bringing paint swatches and fabric squares of your own, or you’re ready for something totally new, seeing these prints up close can help the design process tremendously.

Furnishing Comfort

We know—some designer furnishings can look a little too eclectic for some. In your home, comfort is going to be of paramount importance. We have a wide range of staging setups with beds and seating options, so you can test the comfort level for yourself. Quality, innovation, and comfort should go hand in hand, and with the furnishings at Designer’s Mark, they do.

Interior Design Showroom in Boca Raton

Most importantly, the Designer’s Mark boutique showroom is run by experienced consultants that are on hand to help you refine your vision.

We know how overwhelming the redesign process can be, and we’re here to help at every step of the way. We have years of experience creating innovative, cohesive, and inspiring interior and exterior spaces, and we can’t wait to work with you.

Contact us today at (561) 961-4149 to book a private consultation.

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