What Is Functional Decor?

functional decor

We think of decor all the time— luxury interiors, cohesive accessories, and our design inspirations coming to life. But to make interior design work for your home, you need to have functional decor. Functional decor is the natural nexus between aesthetic design and creating a home you can live in. Wondering how to get started? Here’s what you need to know about bringing usefulness to your home’s interior.

Why You Need Functional Decor

Functional decor changes the way you live in your home – it’s hassle-free, luxurious, and serves a purpose without losing out on style. After all, all homes need storage, cohesiveness, and items that contribute to your lifestyle. It’s time to make sure these items also contribute to your home’s design. Decor that serves a purpose also changes the ambiance of your home. Whether it’s fragrances or well-placed shelves, the way we perceive our space influences how we feel about it.

Merging Form and Function

Functional decor doesn’t mean it isn’t stylish decor. Don’t settle for furnishings you don’t love just for their usefulness— this is your home and your space, and it’s important it inspires you. Your furnishings should always fill both the form and function requirements of your home. Here are a few of our favorite inspirations to get you started.

Bar Carts

This is an old classic, and if you enjoy entertaining, you’ve probably already considered a bar cart for your living area. This is a perfect example of functional decor. While it serves a purpose when entertaining, it still needs to bring luxury and your design style into your home. We love a statement piece like the Ireland bar cart from Worlds Away. It draws from art deco inspirations, sophisticated in its simplicity but elegant in construction.

Hidden Storage

Storage designed with intent can transform your home, and how you live in it. Functional decor goes beyond wardrobes and dressers. If you have a bay window, you can build hidden storage into the seating area. While this doesn’t suit items you often use, this is perfect for homewares you change with the season or use for entertaining.

Perfect Lighting

Lighting is a prime example of merging form and function. Every lighting fixture needs to illuminate your space, but it also needs to elevate your space. Table lamps, chandeliers, and standing lights all add aesthetic touches to your home while contributing to the atmosphere. The right table lamp will light up your workspace as well as enhance your style.

Cohesive Kitchenware

Style doesn’t end with your large furnishings. Like with home accessories, the smaller details can make a big difference on your home’s impression. Color coordinating your kitchenware to your home’s color scheme provides the bow on top of a newly revitalized space. Cohesive, luxurious, and simple— this is one of the best upgrades available to elevate your style.

Luxurious and Functional Decor at Designer’s Mark

We’ve barely scratched the surface of functional decor and creating a home that’s as useful as it is beautiful. If you’d like to rework your space, or perhaps create something new altogether, contact our Boca Raton showroom for a private consultation with our design team. We can’t wait to help bring your vision to life in a way that’s functional and fitting to your style. From large storage solutions to home accessories that make a difference, let’s inspire your vision and elevate your home.

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