Hamptons Style Living Room Designs

Living Room Designs

Living room designs have never been so effortless as they are in the Hamptons. The breezy, bright, and nautical atmosphere of homes from the Hamptons evokes memories of vacations and beach side days, instilling a calm and airy ambience that makes you feel revitalized. We’re here to give you the design breakdown of Hamptons homes, and let you know how to bring the style to your space.

Breezy Living Room Designs

To sum up the Hamptons home style in one word, it would be breezy. Stepping inside gives you the impression that you could still be outdoors, flooded with natural light and finishes, with the sea breeze fresh in the air. There are several ways you can replicate this style and bring the Hamptons luxury to your home.

Color Choice

As beach side getaways, the most important takeaway from this design style is color choice. White remains the base color, adding to the light and airiness offered by wide windows, opening up the space. After white, the key focus is on natural tones. Blue takes the lead by far— a deep sea blue, or shades of nautical blue, are the perfect offset for white and cream. They’re reminiscent of the seaside, feel revitalizing and fresh, and can add a richness depending on the material of choice.

Finishes and Focal Points

There’s one key material that’s used in almost every Hamptons home: wood. Whether it’s a solid wood coffee table or simply natural wood finishes on armchair legs, wood draws the living room design together and offers a very distinctive style. Outdoor designs can feature stone and marble, clean edges in white and blue that contrast with natural finishes.

Fabric Choice

Following on from the above, natural fibers fit the Hamptons aesthetic perfectly. For a living room to feel open and airy, use fabric like linen and cotton. Like blue and white, neutral tones in creams and grays can contribute to the open living room design. Striped fabric also evokes the nautical theme, so this would be a perfect choice if you’re wanting to bring that Hamptons style home.

Designer Recommendations

Ready to get started? We’ve collected some of our favorite Hamptons-inspired furnishings to give you inspiration for revitalizing your space.

Duran Chair by Arteriors

Blending natural wood armrests and fieldstone gray linen upholstery, this makes for the perfect chair for a Hamptons style living room. The linen and wood feel bright and natural without losing the level of elegance and luxury you need. For additional contrast, this chair is also available in fossil black.

Loxbridge Cocktail Table by John Richard

For a more modern take on traditional Hamptons style, we recommend the Loxbridge Cocktail Table by John-Richard. It keeps simplicity as the core of its design, with the wood tabletop feeling inspired and natural, perfect for offsetting the white and blue color scheme. This fits in the center of your living room design and makes entertaining a breeze.

Coleridge Cabinet by Eichholtz Furniture

This cabinet would be right at home as living room storage, finished in piano white and mirror glass to match the quintessential airiness of the Hamptons style. The circular pattern is also reminiscent of another Hamptons trend, repeating designs that add depth to furnishings.

Hamptons Style Living Room Designs with Designer’s Mark, Boca Raton

Want to bring the Hamptons style to your living room? Our interior design consultants are on hand in our Boca Raton showroom to give you a handpicked selection of pieces perfect for your style. Contact us today at (561) 961-4149 for private consultation with one of our talented interior design consultants.

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