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Are you stuck in a design rut? Does your home decor leave you uninspired? When decorating your home, it can be difficult knowing when to bring in outside help. But that different perspective can help inspire you and elevate your home’s decor and design.

If you’re curious about what our home decor experts can do for you, read on to learn about the different ways they can help you transform your home.

Choosing Pieces From Different Brands

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose furniture or decor pieces outside of a matching set. If you only use items that perfectly match, your room may look flat and uninteresting. But how do you know whether two pieces are complementing each other or clashing?

Home decor experts have years of experience creating floor displays to showcase furniture and home accessories from different styles and brands. They have also worked with hundreds of homeowners with unique styles and tastes. This extensive experience ensures they can help you find home accessories from many different brands to create a room design that reflects your personality.

Mixing Textures And Patterns

Another aspect that homeowners struggle to work with when decorating their homes is bringing in the right amount of texture. Texture is important in home design because it adds depth to a room. Without texture, your design will feel flat and uninspiring.

Combining different materials and patterns brings life into a room and helps separate each item from its surroundings. Home decor experts have extensive experience in creating cohesive home designs and know how to pair contrasting items to create unity and bring variety and depth into a flat design.

Isolating Your Personal Style

Homeowners often have difficulty understanding their home decorating style, especially if you love conflicting aspects of different styles!

Home decor experts can help you identify and define your personal style. They’ll work with you to figure out what you like about certain decor items and how different aspects come together to create your overall style.

And once you have a better idea of how to describe your style, it’s easier to find pieces and items that you’ll love!

Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s very easy to get stuck playing it safe with your decorating, our design consultants can inspire you to try something different, experiment with new items, or help you get creative with items you already gravitate towards.

Staying creative and experimental with your interior design helps to keep your home feeling fresh and stylish. ​​​​​​If you’re bored with your current home decor, but you are not sure how to mix it up, our interior design showroom is the perfect place to find inspiration and ideas. Book an appointment with our design consultants and discuss aspects of your current home decor that you like and want to maintain, and they will help you find the features that you should change.

Create A Home You Love With Designer’s Mark Home Decor Experts

You don’t have to be frustrated with your home decor anymore! Rediscovering your passion for decorating your home is easy with the guidance of one of our design consultants.

At Designer’s Mark, we pride ourselves on providing helpful, thorough, and relevant styling and decorating advice. We know how overwhelming it can be to dress a room, and we want to make the task as simple and enjoyable for you as possible.

Visit our Design Showroom in Boca, Raton to talk to one of our talented home decor experts and begin creating the home of your dreams.

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