Current Interior Design Trends

interior design trends

Trends tend to shift and change as cultural values and aesthetics change. A cue for this can be seen in the growth of the sustainable design sector within the last five years. From issues related to climate change and the environment, designers and clients alike are sourcing alternative materials that are both sustainable and beautiful. In this post, we’ll also explore other current interior design trends for 2020.

Alternative Design

A favorite interior design magazine, Elle Decor has a great feature from 2019 which outlines what’s in and what’s out as we go into the 2020s. Some points we agree with such as replacing granite countertops with quartz; a material much more sustainable, easier to maintain, and can be fabricated to mimic granite or marble. Others like the accent wall being out is debatable. An accent wall in a nook, sitting or living room can make a colorful and texturally bold statement.

Cutting edge interior design is exemplified in the home of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Calabasas, CA; a project done in collaboration with famed Belgian designer, Axel Vervoordt. Featured in Architectural Digest; the couple did an extensive renovation and remodel which included expanding the master bath. An entire wall was blasted out and replaced with a windowed wall to view the length of the lush, green only garden designed by Wirtz International Landscape Architects. The house itself has off-white plastered walls and monochromatic neutral accents. Their intent was to create a Zen-like, minimalist refuge, but also a living space that is a work of art. The aesthetic of space itself as an art form to exist in – is quite brilliant.

Sustainable Materials

Hello, South Florida! Natural and sustainable materials are where it’s at for 2020. We offer the sleek Indonesian teak from Kinglsey Bate – ideal for tropical indoor and outdoor living. The jute and hemp rugs from Jaipur are easy to maintain and can add an inviting, stylish statement to any room.

In contemporary flooring, terrazzo is the forefront, although designers and fabricators are experimenting and sourcing alternative materials. Terrazzo, made from small pieces of marble, quartz, granite, and glass, comes with specs and flints of pigment added for color. As an alternative to terrazzo, the flagstone breccia (broken) technique is used in this Moscow townhouse by designer Maxin Kashin. Kashin used larger, graphic shaped pieces of flagstone veined with gray and red to compliment the cool-toned living space. We also adore the curved, multi-level couch, which reminds us of the Dana Chaise from Interlude Home.


There is a strong aesthetic movement towards colorful spaces, particularly in the luxury residence and hotel sectors. Luxury homes and hotels often come framed around concept designs; reflecting the environment. A good example is the Faena Hotel in Miami’s South Beach. Beautiful deco hardwood floors, custom crimson-pink upholstered furniture with turquoise accent rugs and decor. The colorspace and design is both a nod to the Art Deco past of Miami Beach and a compliment to the stunning blue-green sea views.

Italy is legendary for its color history and classic design. Each region has its own tradition from luxury textile houses, handmade furniture, to antique gilding and frescoes. Italians know how to create and apply color. The Firenze Hotel in Tuscany is known for its classical interiors and romantic, sumptuous gardens. The Royal Suite ( Della Gherardescha ) is an example of classic Italian style with vaulted ceilings, Capodimonte Maioliche-style ceramic flooring, and 17th century frescos. The colorspace is set in serene, natural pastels. They compliment the red-brown lacquered furniture.

The Standard in New York and Los Angeles has expanded their eponymous hotel brand into luxury residences. The interiors focus is on the monochrome aesthetic, where living spaces are structured around a palette of warm and neutral earth tones. These evoke a clean and modern living space with details such as a gray-washed oak vanity in the bath and matte black Watermark fixtures. A space of neutral tones accented with black, slate gray, or brown accents can be captivating.

The Modern Kitchen

Another trend is moving away from the traditional all-white kitchen to a more color-accented, open space. The all white kitchen dates back to the 19th century; before such things as antibiotics, indoor plumbing, and water treatment plants. The belief at the time was that the home kitchen should be hygienic, neat, and orderly much like a hospital.

The modern kitchen today has a central island for food prep, small gatherings, and casual dining apart from a formal dining room. The island serves a multi-functional purpose; the sink, dishwasher, and storage space are all installed in a central area. A built-in kitchen cabinet painted in a blue or green accent color up to the wainscoting can add a nice touch. Add an even bolder touch by painting or texturing the ceiling in a contrasting color.

Upholstered Walls and Coverings

Upholstered walls have become a stylish alternative to traditional painting and finishing. This approach takes place in a myriad ways. From an upholstered half-wall to replace a headboard to covering an accent wall. Designer’s Mark offers handmade Vahallan Wall Coverings, which are like a work of art in themselves. Sold in panel sets, no two hand made Vahallan pieces are alike.

Biophilic Design

For 2020 green and biophilic design are in. Adorn interior and outdoor space with large potted plants or small accent succulents. Florida has an abundance of native foliage that requires little to no maintenance since it thrives during the rainy season. Adding plants and foliage increases oxygen levels in your home and helps sustain our uniquely Floridian ecosystem. We can also design a living wall in an atrium or outdoor space. We like to call this Team Butterfly!


For 2020 there are also new and innovative interpretations of classic interior design. Luxury lounge chairs with well-appointed ottomans, decorative valances and custom fabric drapes, mid-century column lamps in divine pastels. The French countryside-style library.

Interior Design Experts in Boca Raton

For a bit of inspiration explore the Thayer Coggin (TC) line of classic furnishings. Each piece is bench-made by a single artisan. TC furniture (and the iconic Milos Baughman) designs are highly sought after by designers; and collectors of mid-century American modern furniture. Designer’s Mark in Boca Raton offers classic luxury in lighting, decor, and furnishings designed specifically for coastal living from Regina Andrews.

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