Custom Lighting Ideas For Your Space

custom lighting

The importance of lighting is often overlooked when designing a room. Lighting does not have to be purely functional but can be used to transform a space with its design and placement. This is particularly the case with custom lighting, which you can tailor to your specific aesthetic and home design style.

The lighting in your home determines the atmosphere of each moment spent within it. This is why it is an essential aspect of interior design. The light in a room sets the tone for any task you perform, photographs you take, or conversation you hold or moods you create.

Types Of Light

There are three main types of lighting that work together to create functional, but still inspirational spaces; Ambient, Task, and Accent lighting. Finding the perfect balance between the three requires careful thought and planning.

1. Ambient

Lighting that’s ambient is the main light source in a room, and either adds to existing natural light, or fills in when there is a lack of it. Ambient lighting is spread evenly across the room – typically by using a combination of many lights.

Examples include recessed lighting, several pendant lights, and flush mounts.

2. Task

Task lightingis practical lighting. Ambient lighting sometimes leaves shadows in places where you need to be able to see clearly in order to complete tasks. Task lighting ensures that workspaces and surfaces have appropriate light levels.

This type of lighting is essential above kitchen counters, desks in home offices, around mirrors, and near reading spots.

Examples include strip lights, desk lamps, reading lights, and puck lights.

3. Accent

Accent lighting acts as the finishing touch of a room, providing interest and dimension to any space. It is used to highlight design features of various pieces of furniture, artwork, or wall decor.

Accent lighting can blend into ambient and task lighting; turning the functional elements of these types of lighting into design features themselves. Your creativity can take the reins with this lighting type, as it is the perfect opportunity to showcase unique custom lighting fixtures.

Examples include chandeliers, multiple pendant lights, custom tech lighting, string-lights, and sconces.

Custom Lighting Ideas

At Designer’s Mark we understand the magic of good lighting and believe the lighting in your home can retain its practicality while acting as an outlet for your creativity. No matter what home design style you are after, there is a perfect custom lighting plan for you.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use custom lighting within your home:


Making use of several different pendant lights can result in striking silhouettes throughout your home, transforming a space into something inspiring . You can go for a monochromatic look and experiment with various textures and shapes or have several lights with different colored covers.

Have these lights arranged at slightly different heights – creating a unique conversation-piece in the room. Don’t feel limited to the center of a room! You can layer different pendant lights near a wall, keeping it as accent lighting.

We love this technique used in entryways, lounges, and in kitchens above island cabinets.

Mixtures Of Fixtures

There’s no way around it – larger spaces are intimidating to light. Homeowners often turn to pure ambient lighting when faced with larger rooms, because it feels like statement pieces get lost or look out of place.

To overcome this challenge, divide the room into more manageable sections. For example, in an open-plan living room/kitchen, you could have a string of pendant lights above the island in the kitchen, with custom accent-lights behind a couch and a bold standing lamp in a corner of the living room. Use the rest of the furniture in the room to guide you when choosing custom lighting – what colors are already present? How much empty space do you need to fill?

Glassy & Classy

Glass light fixtures add a sense of cleanliness and order to a room. You can incorporate glass into the layering technique or keep it simple with a single statement light fixture. Designer’s Mark stocks handblown pieces from SkLO Studio which are sure to elevate any space you use them in.

If you want to bring in some color, stained glass is a classic route to take. You can decide what colors will compliment your space and customize the light so that it adds to whatever mood you want to convey. You can go for the full rainbow or keep it down to a few key colors, such as tans and browns, or various blue tones.

Custom Lighting With Designer’s Mark

At Designer’s Mark we are committed to helping you set the mood and highlight your style using custom lighting tailored to your space. Visit our Boca Raton showroom today to explore our brands and see how the right lighting can transform your home.

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