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Thayer Coggin Furniture

Thayer Coggin showroom

Since their beginnings in 1953, Thayer Coggin Furniture has committed themselves to designing elegant and timeless furniture with a modern twist. Proudly based in High Point, North Carolina, Thayer Coggin is a leader in American mid-century modern furniture design. Using only the highest quality materials, the company’s dedication to style and craftsmanship has allowed Thayer Coggin to become synonymous with excellence in furniture for generations.

Founder Thayer Coggin always had the vision to supply the world with accessible yet immediately recognizable furniture that exceeds both in comfort and design. First partnering with revolutionary designer Milo Baughman in the company’s preliminary stages, the Thayer Coggin Furniture collection is just as much a celebration of style as it is functionality.

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    Aside from the unmatched attention to detail and the superior quality, Thayer Coggin Furniture sets itself apart by bench-making each piece by a single person. This process guarantees seamless quality and originality through every step. In a world of fast fashion that includes home design, Thayer Coggin has always prided themselves in taking the time to perfectly handcraft the most exquisite furniture pieces, no matter how long it takes.

    In addition to thoughtful design and exceptional quality, the company also sets the bar high with their commitment to the environment. Doing their part to aid in climate change, all of Thayer Coggin’s cushioning is produced without the use of harmful chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs.

    Aside from its unmatched durability, one of the significant aspects that keep clients returning to purchase Thayer Coggin pieces is the level of customization clients are in charge of. They offer hundreds of exquisite fabrics curated by their experts and provide several types of leather that come in an array of colors and patterns. If the client has a specific material they want to incorporate into the design, Thayer Coggin can make their vision a reality. Alongside their customizable upholstery, almost all their products also come in a number of wood and metal finishes.

    Thayer Coggin Furniture In Boca Raton

    Thayer Coggin designs last – both stylistically and durability. Their pieces display a timeless aesthetic meant to be enjoyed not only for the client’s lifetime, but also for generations to come. From sectionals and sofas to tables and ottomans, the iconic Thayer Coggin furniture that Designer’s Mark has to offer is sure to make your space the talk of the town.

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