Using Home Décor To Define A Space

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The way you decorate your home sets the tone for the way you begin and end each day. Personalized home décor allows you to own the space that you inhabit and tells guests about who you are and what excites you.

Find Your Home Décor Style

Your design style is continually changing and updating as you move through different life phases or experience new things. Don’t let loyalty to your past ideas prevent you from finding new inspiration for your home.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What Don’t You Like?

Before defining any space, make sure you know what you do not want to include. It’s easy to be swayed into designing a space that looks good but does not fit with the rest of your home. While it is important to be flexible when defining a space, you don’t have to compromise on the big things!

2. What Can’t You Live Without?

There are some pieces that are simply non-negotiable, whether it’s a vintage couch from your grandparents or a decorative vase from your travels. Either functional or sentimental, if you cannot picture life without it, you need to prioritize it in your design plan. Let these important pieces spark the inspiration for the rest of the space.

3. What Do You Want The Space To Feel Like?

A picture-perfect home is useless if you don’t feel comfortable and happy living in it. Your decor should convey the mood you want it to and reflect your personality. Creating a mood goes beyond adding extra throw pillows throughout your home – think about where you can bring in aspects of your personality and interests.

Do you want your space to feel homey and comfortable? Stick to a warmer palette and lean towards softer lines in your furniture, such as those seen in custom pieces by Christopher Guy. Are you going for a sleek, modern vibe? Keep a limited color palette and introduce variety through different patterns and textures in throw pillows, wallpaper, or in designer rugs like those by Feizy.

Figure Out The Scale

Furniture that is the wrong size for the room it is in can create a visually confusing abundance of empty space. To make the (sometimes overwhelming) task of decorating your home more manageable, think of defining individual spaces instead of tackling the entire room at once.

Larger spaces are easy to get lost in, so make sure your room decor has a focal point or strong theme. If you find a room feeling empty, bring in a large rug to define the area and ground the rest of the furniture. Then play around with bolder textures and colors in the rest of the decor – use the extra space to experiment! You can change a room with wallpaper, create a gallery wall, or showcase your hobbies with stacks of books and photo albums.

Defining Small Spaces

Every home has a couple nooks and crannies which feel awkward to decorate. When dealing with a smaller space you run the risk of it feeling cramped and cluttered. Don’t let this fear translate into a boring and empty space – small spaces have big possibilities!

Aim to keep these areas functional and stylish with these tips:

Empty The Floor

Keep as much off the floor open as possible. If a piece can be lifted from the floor – it should be lifted from the floor. Go for ceiling lights or wall sconces and favor floating shelves or nightstands over stand-alone pieces.

Brighten It Up

Smaller spaces tend to feel dark and uninviting. Make use of unique decorative light fixtures to create a bright, interesting space within your home.

Fold It Away

Some furniture is used often enough that you can’t get rid of it, but rarely enough to make it inconvenient to accommodate. In these cases, consider installing fold-away furniture. This means that you do not have to have space taken up by a piece that you use infrequently.

Get Reflective

Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to turn a dead space into something inspiring by widening and brightening. You can create a gallery wall with different styles and sizes of smaller mirrors or open up a dark corner with a floor to ceiling mirror.

Home Décor From Designer’s Mark

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