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Eichholtz Furniture

Eichholtz furniture showroom

Eichholtz Furniture embodies luxury with a hint of that special antique elegance. Inspired by unique furniture from past years, Eichholtz Furniture brings the designs forward into a contemporary space, creating pieces that feel sophisticated, luxurious, and designed with intent. With each collection bringing something new to the world of designer furniture, you’re spoiled for choice if you’re looking to give new life to your home.

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    Eichholtz Furniture: Design Inspirations

    While inspired by the past, Eichholtz Furniture doesn’t feel stuck in the past. Founder Theo Eichholtz has a passion and an eye for antiques, and it was this passion that ignited Eichholtz Furniture’s creation. Matching the quality and style of antiques with modern trends and construction makes furnishings that embody luxury while excellent craftsmanship makes these pieces timeless.

    Theo Eichholtz originally began the antique journey in China— and this global inspiration continues to be prevalent in new collections. Culturally inspired pieces merge with modern style, creating a new set of timeless designs. Eichholtz designers also draw inspiration from the natural world, with hints of nature in many of their collections.

    Their collections range across indoor and outdoor furnishings, lighting, home accessories, and much more. Designed with both residential and commercial uses in mind, you’ll find furnishings that stand the test of time in both quality and style. Whether you’re looking for an elegant folding screen to divide your space, or a hand-blown glass vase to bring a sense of cohesiveness, Eichholtz has the solution you need.

    Modern Luxury

    Eichholtz designs aren’t limited by their modern style, either. While there are collections the minimalist will love, they still bring luxury into the industrial trend. This is evident from their Ward Cabinet: the brushed brass and coffee oak finishes fit in perfectly with vintage and contemporary styles, showcasing the chameleon design style that Eichholtz Furniture can do so well.

    With their full range of available furnishings, it’s easy to create cohesiveness in your home. A neutral-toned sofa like the Duardo adds uniqueness, while it’s brushed brass finished base provides a highlight pop of color that’s easy to match in other home accessories. No matter the design influence, Eichholtz holds essential values with each constructed furnishing. There’s a focus on comfort, security, privacy, and aesthetic satisfaction in every step of the design process, resulting in furnishings that are as comfortable as they look. This blend of style and function is incredibly important when creating a space that makes you feel at home, and Eichholtz finds this balance with ease.

    Eichholtz Furniture in Boca Raton

    If you’re after luxury, look no further than Eichholtz. With a wide range of collections that cover indoor furnishings, lighting, and home accessories, you can find sophisticated quality in one place. Our experts at the Designer’s Mark Boca Raton showroom are ready to help bring your space together cohesively with inspired pieces by Eichholtz, creating a home that feels your own and matches your unique style. Contact us for a private consultation and see Eichholtz quality up close.

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