Innovative Home Office Designs


Whether you work from home, need a designated place for your children to do homework, or just need a space to get away, the definition of the home office has greatly changed over the years. When many think about home office designs, it lends to images of dark wood, overstuffed chairs, and heavy desks that take up half the room. However, the modern home office focuses more on personal style.

Creating a home office design that fits your aesthetic helps to increase productivity and inspire creativity. The design team at Designer’s Mark is here to help you create a home office design that is both innovative and makes you want to get down to business.

Home Office Designs

First Things First

Before you begin, it is critical to consider exactly what you want to achieve out of your home office. As with any interior design renovation, having and sticking to a plan is your best bet for achieving your vision and goals. Some aspects to consider include:

  • How much time do you have to dedicate to this project?
  • How small or large of a budget are you working with?
  • How much desk space do you need?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • How much time will you spend in your home office?
  • What are your connectivity requirements? (internet access, power outlets, etc.)
Home Office Designs

Home Office Design Basics

Designing an innovative home office may seem tricky as it requires finding the right balance between personality and functionality. These helpful tips from Designer’s Mark will help you get started!

Location, Location, Location

The first aspect to consider is the space you require to create a productive atmosphere. While the stereotypical home office may no longer fit the status quo, finding a space to designate as an office is critical to achieving a good work/life balance. While it doesn’t have to be an entire room, it needs to be an area where you can focus and avoid distractions. If possible, choose an area with great natural lighting as it will make you feel more motivated. Finding the right location for your home office will help you determine the parameters of your design concept.

Choose The Right Furniture

After considering the space you have to work with, the next step is to decide on office furniture that will fit in the area and your vision. At the very least, most home offices require a desk, chair, storage, space, and electronics. Be sure that the furniture is not only attractive but also functional. For example, if you spend all day in the office, you want a chair that’s well-designed and ergonomic. Or if you work with confidential files, you will want a secure filing cabinet. However, furniture should also have a personal touch that doesn’t make your office feel like a stuffy cubicle. Designer’s Mark offers a wide array of gorgeous and functional office furniture.

home office design

Beyond The Basics

After you decide on your space and furniture, the fun finally begins! Having an office that fits your personality will create a space that feels all your own. This is a great time to play around with accessories, color, and form.

Creative Colors

Many people who work from home find it more productive to create a space that looks different from other rooms in their house. This could be as easy as choosing the right paint color or wallpaper. For example, if you want to create a calming atmosphere try plum or gray hues. For a cheerier atmosphere, try yellow or pink hues. Choosing the right color scheme for your office can make you feel more inspired and at ease.

Bring Nature In

Not only do plants add dimension to your home office, but they also offer several health benefits. One of the major benefits of including plants and natural elements in your interior design plan is that they help to improve the air quality in your home office. Plants help to absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen which makes it easier to breathe. Research has also shown that featuring natural elements in your work environment increases productivity and creativity by helping to reduce stress and providing a more calming atmosphere.

Stand Up

While we have discussed the importance of finding a desk that fits your home office space and needs, spending hours on end sitting at a desk can drain you physically and mentally. One of the most innovative desk options to come out of recent years are standing desks. Not only do standing desks help increase your productivity and creativity, they also help to improve your posture and overall health. Poor posture causes stress on your spine, leading to back and neck pain. Standing desks reduce this spinal stress and also help improve circulation.

Accessorize With Accessorize

As with any room design plan, the experts at Designer’s Mark understand that choosing the right accessories is critical to your home office design. From lamps and mirrors to vases and decorative objects, our accessorize team works closely with you to turn your vision into reality. We offer a wide array of exquisite accessories that are sure to match any personality. While it is essential to have a professional and organized workspace, you also want it to reflect your personality to increase productivity and make you feel comfortable.

Innovative Home Office Designs In South Florida

Spending hours in your office doesn’t have to feel like a burden with a well-designed space you can call your own. Having a space that you feel comfortable in not only expresses your personality and design aesthetic, it also increases your productivity and creativity.

Whether you’re looking to revitalize your current office or starting from scratch, Designer’s Mark is here for you every step of the way! From initial planning to finishing details, our experts have a keen eye for innovative home office design.

If you’re ready to take your home office design to the next level, Designer’s Mark is ready to help you source and create your perfect space. Call us at (561)-961-4149 to set up a consultation or stop by our Boca Raton interior design showroom today!

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