Define Your Floor Space With Custom Area Rugs

custom area rugs

Do you ever look at a space and it just feels empty? There’s one key furnishing that many forget in the interior design process: custom area rugs. Although rugs seem like an accessory, these form and function-oriented furnishings can pull an incohesive space together with ease. Not only do they add to the visual appeal of a room, but they also play a functional role in noise dampening, floor protection, and centering your space. Custom area rugs are made and ordered to your room’s specifications, meaning that they are always the perfect fit to complement your space and your style.

At Designer’s Mark they know how vital it is to create a space that feels cohesive. Area rugs are just one of many ways that this can be done, but they’re also one of the best. We’ve collected inspiration from some of our favorite rug designers, with each collection set to revitalize and renew your home interior.


The Benefits of Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs add style and functionality to your home. Whether their main purpose is for function or for aesthetics, you still gain all of the benefits that they offer. To maximize their potential, we recommend working with an interior designer to ensure that your space is masterfully crafted. Some spaces can be difficult to work with—and an interior designer can take away the hassle, leaving you with a home you feel inspired by. So, what are the benefits of custom area rugs?

  1. Aesthetics: There’s no doubt about it, area rugs add aesthetic value to your space. We often think about large empty spaces on walls, but not so often do we think about the same on floors. Area rugs help to section a room into “zones” where our eyes are drawn, and they also break up the monotony of a single-toned and single-textured floor. They perfectly frame seating areas, dining tables, and spaces for entertaining. The impact of texture and color on your space is not to be understated.
  2. Floor Protection: Some floors are more susceptible to damage than others. Over time, things like couch legs, lamps, and standing shelves can scratch or scuff your flooring. In addition to providing aesthetic function, area rugs provide an extra protective layer for your flooring, reducing surface damage and marks.
  3. Noise Dampening: Large rooms can have an echoey quality to them, especially if your style leans more minimalist. While this works for some spaces, it doesn’t create an inviting atmosphere if you’re looking for luxury home comfort. Rugs help reduce the reverb in a room by absorbing extra sound, changing the atmosphere in a functional way.
  4. Comfort: For many, rugs provide a sense of home and comfort. While tiles or wood floors are great for keeping homes cool, not everyone wants to step onto a cold floor as soon as they get out of bed. Rugs offer tactile comfort in living spaces, making it more comfortable for you to enjoy the spaces in your home.

Area Rugs: Designer Spotlight

We love designers that push the envelope and explore global inspirations with a sustainable focus. These are designers that innovate and inspire, bringing new collections and ideas to the market every season. You need quality that you can trust—and with these custom area rug makers, you’ve found it.

Loloi Rugs

Loloi Rugs

Amir Loloi, the owner of Loloi Rugs, said that “If you’re only looking at a finished rug, it’s easy to forget how much craftsmanship is involved.” And, in every Loloi creation, this statement holds true. It’s easy to see a rug as a home accessory more than a central furnishing, but the care and expertise required in their creation refutes this. Loloi Rugs are made over months by skilled artisans using traditional methods—looms instead of modern machines, hand-dyed yarn, and rugs that are made entirely by hand.

This craftsmanship shows itself in the outstanding final quality: these rugs are built to last and inspire for lifetimes. Their workshops are in Varanasi, India, where artisans use techniques taught by past generations, and where they will teach future generations in pursuit of preserving the art of rug making. Loloi Rugs is partnered with GoodWeave to ensure sustainable practices and to ensure that labor is fairly compensated and ethical.

custom area rugs

Creative Accents

Creative Accents have been creating bespoke rugs since 1967. Their entire production process takes place in the United States, and they have a strong commitment to using materials from home, too. They know that no two spaces are alike, and that means that area rugs aren’t a one size fits all. They work with each client’s specifications and inspirations to create the perfect fit for their space.

They offer both custom area rugs and bespoke products. With their customizer tool, you can choose colors and shapes that modify their existing designs to best suit your home. With their bespoke service, their expert designers work with you to start from the very beginning: a blank canvas ready for your inspiration.

custom area rugs

Exquisite Rugs

Exquisite Rugs began their journey in 1924. They started out collecting and selling antique rugs, but soon sought to create and preserve the art of rug making. With decades of experience and industry knowledge, they know what makes an exceptional and long-lasting rug that adds to a space instead of cluttering it. They pride themselves on being traditional, transitional, and contemporary, meaning that they’re ahead of the curve and always drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources. This culminates in designs that feel classic and timeless, as well as bold and innovative.

Their collections are built for many styles, but their quality is unmatched no matter the aesthetic inspiration. They offer custom modifications of existing designs as well as rugs designed from the ground up.

Custom Rugs in Boca Raton

Is your space lacking an area rug? Make sure that your home feels complete—from the lighting all the way to the floor. Visit our Boca Raton interior design showroom to see these stunning creations up close and experience what luxury design can add to your space.

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