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Loloi Rugs

LOLOI rugs showroom

Loloi sets the standard for rugs in terms of quality and design aesthetics. Handcrafted and gorgeous, each rug is a piece of art in its own right. These rugs don’t just tie a room’s design together, they set the entire home apart.

But what makes this brand notorious for its designs and quality?

Read on to learn more about Loi Rugs, including their history, sources of inspiration, production process, and more.

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    Behind The Brand: The History Of Loloi Rugs

    Founded in 2004 by Amir Loloi, Loloi is considered an industry leader when it comes to quality, design, and durability. Although a relatively young brand, Loloi has won multiple awards for its production quality and ethical production practices.

    Amir Loloi has spent 25 years traveling the Indian countryside in search of the best weavers and craftspeople to create Loloi’s rugs, bringing their breathtaking work to the United States to infuse homes with raw talent and outstanding designs.

    Loloi Inspiration

    Loloi makes it their mission to help homeowners create thoughtfully layered homes. Loloi rugs are unique in that they’re designed for the modern home using centuries-old craftsmanship. They describe their design process as “simple, but considered,” and design for particular people rather than the masses.

    Founder Amir says the key to rug design is understanding the fiber that goes into each individual rug. He and Loloi’s craftsmen take the time to analyze each batch of fiber to learn how it’ll respond to dye and the weaving. With this keen focus on colors and textures, Loloi creates rugs that stand the test of time in terms of design and durability.

    Production Process

    Loloi produces premium handmade rugs in India using old-world techniques. From the dip-dyeing of wool to the intricacy of weaving the fibers, every step of the process is done by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and uniqueness.

    Each rug goes through four production stages, each one requiring a unique skillset and years of experience to master:

    1. Preparing wool fiber and turning it into yarn
    2. Dyeing the yarn in multiple colors
    3. Hand-knotting the design of the rug on a loom
    4. Finishing the surface of the rug with shears

    Loloi artisans are proud to continue age-old traditions that have been used to produce timeless rugs for centuries. Weavers follow hand-drawn designs to create ornate patterns one knot at a time. It can take two experienced weavers four hours of work to produce just five square inches of rug – and that’s considered speedy in the rug world!

    Painstaking and meticulous, these methods of rug creation infuse each rug with intention and soul you can’t replicate in machine-made pieces.

    GoodWeave Partnership

    Loloi is a proud partner of GoodWeave – a non-profit organization that audits factories to ensure fair and ethical labor. You can rest assured that Loloi rugs are never made using child, forced, or bonded labor.

    What’s The Difference Between Loloi And Loloi II Rugs?

    If you’ve been on the hunt for Loloi pieces, you’ll have come across Loloi II in your search. While Loloi rugs are handmade and completely unique, Loloi II rugs are machine-produced and have multiples of a single design.

    Loloi II rugs were created with the intention of making stylish and high-quality rugs available to those working within a limited budget. And while you can’t beat the quality of Loloi’s handmade pieces, Loloi II rugs are a close second!

    Use Loloi Rugs In Your Home With Designer’s Mark

    At Designer’s Mark, our priorities have always been quality and style. If you’re looking for unique and timeless rugs, Loloi Rugs are the perfect option for your home. Their craftsmanship is unmatched, their designs are timeless and trendy, and their quality stands the test of time.

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