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Exquisite Rugs


Since 1924, Exquisite Rugs has understood the importance and beauty of quality rugs. From traditional to transitional to contemporary, Exquisite Rugs have long been synonymous with excellence. Here, the team at Designer’s Mark explains how you can enhance any space with Exquisite Rugs.

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    About Exquisite Rugs

    Nearly 100 years ago, Exquisite Rugs began as a humble family business selling antique rugs. Over time, they transitioned to designing and manufacturing only the most extraordinary rugs. This tradition of preserving the art of rug making remains a family business today. The dedication to tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation makes Exquisite Rugs one of the most highly sought-after rug makers.

    The Exquisite Rugs Difference

    In the world of fast furniture, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find quality rugs for your home. Exquisite Rugs, however, is here to transform any ordinary room into the extraordinary. Let’s discover the difference Exquisite Rugs can make to your space.


    While so many rug companies strive to stay on-trend, Exquisite Rugs stays ahead of the trends. Their focus on design, color, and texture allows them to be at least a year ahead of the next big thing in design. The Exquisite Rugs design team collaborates with industry experts to determine fresh and unique texture and color combinations.


    Rugs are a critical element in showcasing your personality in any space. Every design Exquisite Rugs curate offers its own distinct aesthetic. Whether deciding on a traditional, transitional, or contemporary style, they pride themselves on a relaxed elegance focusing on both design and comfort.


    Unlike fast furniture companies, Exquisite Rugs appreciates the ancient art of creating quality rugs. They use only the finest materials and trust a committed team of skilled artisans to create each piece. Every rug goes through these steps:

    • Spinning: Artisans clean, detangle, and spin silk or wool by hand. This allows the materials to achieve unique color, depth, and texture.
    • Dyeing: Dye masters use ancient recipes to create unique and vibrant colors.
    • Color Curating: After the initial dyeing of the materials, they are then dried in the sun to achieve the intended color and sheen for the piece.
    • Balling: After dyed and dried, the yarn is wound into balls and delivered to different artisans for specific projects.
    • Designing: Every design at Exquisite Rugs is hand drawn and painted. This offers a blueprint for color placement and knot position.
    • Weaving: The most time-consuming step, weaving is an ancient art done by hand by some of the top artisans in the world.
    • Washing: After the weaving process is completed, the team uses wooden paddles to hand wash the rug thoroughly.
    • Drying: Craftspeople then block and stretch the rug and let it dry in the sun. This allows them to dry and prevent shrinking naturally.
    • Clipping: To complete the design, the artisans at Exquisite Rugs hand carve and clip the piece to create definition and pattern elements.
    • Serging: The weaving process is finished when the artisans expertly hand-sew yarn around the edges.
    • Detailing: A final hand brushing is done to make the colors and pile more uniform.
    • Final Inspection: Exquisite Rugs dedication to quality is evident through every step of the process. A final inspection ensures your rug upholds its standards.

    Exquisite Rugs In Boca Raton

    Exquisite Rugs are the epitome of quality and excellence. They offer a wide array of styles, sizes, colors, and collections. Designer’s Mark is proud to feature Exquisite Rugs in our Boca Raton showroom. Since 2017, Designer’s Mark has been the premier interior design showroom in South Florida. We feature a wide array of luxury brands for any space.

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