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Creative Accent Rugs


Meticulously handmade and effortlessly beautiful, Creative Accents rugs are designed to complete your design vision and center it around a common theme. Whether you’re creating a calm mood in your living room or an organized atmosphere in your home office, there’s a Creative Accents rug to finish off your unique space.

Read on to learn about this illustrious brand’s history, design process, and high-quality materials that set them apart from other rug manufacturers.

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    Brand History: Where Did Creative Accents Begin?

    Creative Accents has been run by three generations of the Hensler family since being founded in 1967. The original founder, Ken Hensler, brought his design vision to life while experimenting with his wife’s sewing machine. The result? One of the world’s first “shag” rugs.

    Ken saw a great need for choice and creativity in rug designs, deciding to build a brand that allowed its customers the chance to play with design, shape, size, and color. Creative Accents is now run under the leadership of Ken’s oldest son and grandson, Mike and Andy Hensler.

    In its 55 years of operation, Creative Accents has continued to provide a modern and playful alternative to traditional floor coverings by prioritizing experimentation and delight.

    Design Process: From Inspiration to Production

    Like every design process, the production of these rugs starts with a spark of inspiration. Creative Accents works with designers from all walks of life, guaranteeing variety and individuality in every collection.

    Some designers draw inspiration from the architecture of their home countries, others translate traditional art pieces into rug designs to introduce texture, and others isolate the emotions they feel while immersing themselves in global cultures. You can find rugs to match any design style, with designs ranging from ultra-modern and abstract to classic ad ornate.

    One of the most unique aspects of the Creative Accents process is their use of exclusively US-sourced materials, aside from wool which they import from New Zealand.

    Creative Accents designs fun shag rugs, luxurious ultra-plush rugs, and durable plush rugs that ca withstand heavy traffic.

    All Creative Accents rugs are bespoke, made-to-order pieces. Their process allows for total customization – giving you the chance to influence your rug’s design and tailor it to fit your home perfectly.

    Principles of Design

    Since its formation, Creative Accents has upheld the same 4 principles the brand was founded on: excellence, beauty, family, and sustainability.


    Creative Accents believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well. This brand prides itself on striving for excellence throughout the rug production process. From creating design and choosing high-quality materials to carefully constructing the rug and finishing it off with intention and skill, every step of the Creative Accents process is methodical and thorough.


    Creative Accents aims to bring ordinary, functional spaces to life through their rug designs. Each rug is designed with the idea that finishing touches bring out the inherent beauty in your home, highlighting the charm that’s already present.


    With every design, Creative Accents holds family and love at the center. They believe that what we do is important, but not as important as who we do it for. Their rugs are created so families around the world can gather and share their lives with each other in a beautiful environment.


    If you’re not building something that’ll last for generations, why are you building it? Creative Accents not only designs with timelessness in mind, but they also prioritize looking after the environment while producing high-quality rugs. They protect the planet through the use of sustainable production processes and local, sustainable materials.

    Complete Your Home With Creative Accents Rugs From Designer’s Mark

    In every room, there’s one element that ties the space together and rounds off the room’s design. If your home is in need of that finishing element, look no further than Creative Accent rugs. Designer’s Mark is a proud vendor of Creative Accents rugs. Their dedication to good design and high-quality craftsmanship ensures you get the best of the best when you invest in their pieces.

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