Office Furniture: Creating A ‘Mood’ In Your Workspace

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It’s no secret that your workplace can be stressful. However, adding office furniture and other design elements that give a peaceful vibe can help make your office a more enjoyable place to work and create. Ultimately, there is a link between feeling good and being more productive at work. If you create a workspace that you love with office furniture and other décor pieces, you’ll look forward to work rather than dread going there. Setting a mood that is both relaxing yet inspiring will help ensure that you work your best anytime you’re in your workplace. Talk about a win-win! Our design professionals can help you choose office furniture and other design pieces to create a space you love.

How Workplace Design Affects Mood

Think about the time that you spend at work. It’s probably more than half of your waking hours. Because of this, it’s important to create a workspace that generates positive vibes. Good lighting directly impacts performance. At Designer’s Mark, we offer different lighting options to suit the needs of any office space.

Generally, people work best in a well-lit area that is free of clutter and with limited distractions. Add in some natural elements such as plants or flowers as they create a calm effect. They also help improve air quality, which makes breathing and working a lot easier. Ultimately, when choosing office furniture and other decor elements, think of what colors, designs, and themes make you feel your best.

Add Color

When considering office furniture for your office, try something bold. Color affects your mood and can even influence your performance. White gives a fresh feel while blue is a more stable one. Choose a color based on how it makes you feel. If you want to increase your productivity, we recommend yellow or green custom office furniture pieces or drapes, or custom shades. Designer’s Mark Instagram page can give you inspiration when looking for office furniture that inspires you.

Create a Healthy Space

Regular exercise releases serotonin, which helps to boost mood and can also help improve how you deal with stress. Serotonin is the feel-good chemical that influences your mood. It is the most important for your overall well-being. Increasing serotonin levels will make you feel better, work better, and live a healthier life.

To incorporate some exercise into your space, consider a sit-stand desk. Remember that staring at screens for long periods of time means that we are usually slouched over, which can lead to a bad back. A good-quality office chair can help avoid muscle tightness, pain, or discomfort.

Incorporate Natural Light

Use as much natural light as possible when you’re designing your office. At Designer’s Mark, we offer custom shades and automation from Bandalux, Rollease, and Somfy that add functionality to your room with ease. Workplaces with high levels of daylight increase productivity. Position your office furniture such as your desk near a window. To keep your space open, avoid glass. Maximizing the amount of natural light in your workplace will positively affect your mood and your productivity level.

Learn More About Custom Office Furniture

Ultimately, our family-owned business offers custom office furniture, lighting, wallpaper, drapes, custom shades, rugs, and home décor accessories. Our high-end interior design showroom always has something new, which makes it easy to customize your space and mood at your workplace. Every space we design will look completely different. We can work with you individually or with your interior designer to help choose the best office furniture pieces for your mood.

Are you ready to make your mark? To learn more about what we offer, stop by our Boca Raton showroom today!

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