How The Right Wallpaper Can Change A Room


Wallpaper has made a roaring reappearance in interior design, with more and more creative ideas surfacing daily. The right wallpaper can completely transform a room when it is used correctly – here are our favorite ways to make a statement in your home.

Open Everything Up

Using wallpaper as part of your interior design is one of the easiest ways to open up a space. Lighter colors and simple shapes and silhouettes can either give the illusion of space or emphasize an already large area.

Different from paint, which is a flat surface, wallpaper often has spatial components that use perspective and shapes to widen a space.

Create Intimacy

Darker colored and heavily patterned wallpaper creates a completely different feeling. If you are struggling to fill a room because it is too spacious, you can use bold wallpaper to tighten the room and make it less overwhelming. Look for bold patterns with limited negative space – this makes a room feel cozy and intimate.

Statement Wall

A popular design feature is the statement wall – where one wall in the room is brightly colored or patterned, and the rest are kept plain and understated.

Try mixing different styles and types of papers – since it’s only one wall, you can get away with more questionable pairings than usual!

How To Choose Your Statement Wall

Choosing which wall to cover depends on what you want your statement to be. Visualize your space and decide what your goal is; keeping in mind that wallpaper can both highlight and minimize. Is there a piece of furniture you want to call attention to? Do you have a side of the room that is boring you?

Popular choices of statement walls are:

  • At the head of your bed
  • Behind the TV
  • Around a fireplace
  • The first wall you look at in your entryway
  • Behind large mirrors
  • On ‘dividing’ walls in an otherwise open-plan layout

Brighten The Space

This is a similar method to using mirrors but is easier to customize and typically less expensive. You can use wallpaper that has a shiny, reflective texture to physically brighten dark spaces.

If you are struggling to get light in a corner of your bathroom or battling with ‘dead space’ underneath your stairs, cover the closest wall with shiny paper and watch the magic unfold.

Break Away From Boring Bathrooms

Gone are the days where everyone’s bathroom is white on white on white. Our wallpaper brands are bringing color, patterns, and texture back into style – throwing out the clinical bathrooms that you are probably tired of seeing.

Tropical prints and deep greens are popular bathroom wallpaper choices at the moment, with lush leafy patterns creating a jungle in your home.

Take It Off The Wall

If covering walls feels like too much of a commitment or if you’ve found a pattern that would be overwhelming if it covered an entire wall – use it somewhere else! We’ve been seeing hundreds of gorgeous, inventive ways to use wallpaper off the wall – here are some of our favorites.

Statement Ceilings

Create a bold statement by using wallpaper above your head, or maybe combining this trend with a statement wall to elevate the ceiling and elongate the room.

Lighter colors will lift the ceiling, and darker colors will create a cozy, intimate mood. Be careful when choosing darker colors in smaller rooms, as this can cause a space to look cramped if not done well.

Wood patterns can look striking when used in this way! Go for tones that match the furniture in your room to create a sense of continuity and flow.

Back Your Bookcase & China Cabinet

Wallpaper can be used to line the backs of bookcases. This works especially well for bright colors and busy patterns, as most of it will be hidden by books or other shelf decorations.

If you want to dip your toes into this trend but are worried it will look gaudy, go for darker papers which will give a more subtle effect.

Decorate Your Drawers

Another fun way to introduce color into the room is to line the sides of drawers with patterns. This ‘secret’ color will only be seen when the drawers are opened and is a good place to start from if you aren’t yet sure how to use patterns in your space.

Make sure the wallpaper doesn’t affect the functionality of your drawers – if the paper is too thick, have your drawers slightly sanded down so there is a little more wiggle room.

If wallpaper on the sides of your drawers is just not going to work – line the bottom of them! This adds an interesting dimension to your furniture and gives you something exciting to look at when you perform day-to-day tasks.

Frame It

You can have a sheet of wallpaper framed and use it as a piece of art. Experiment with intricate patterns and swirling colors – and switch the paper out if you don’t like it. This is an inexpensive way to elevate a wall without fully committing to wallpaper.

Transform Your Room With Wallpaper From Designer’s Mark

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