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Home Décor

South Florida has some of the most beautiful and coastal residential properties in the country. Many of the residents have secondary homes and are seasonal, spending December through April in the lovely Sunshine State. Others have rental properties that require seasonal design and preparation. Homeowners and guests alike demand particular amenities and designs that appeal to their aesthetic values. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make a high-impact home décor statement to the interior or exterior design of your primary or second home.

Finding a designer with exceptional, discernible taste in South Florida can be a bit of a challenge. Can they design a dynamic space in the Spanish revival or Modern Contemporary? Are they knowledgeable of mid-century or contemporary Argentinian or American design? Do they know what a scalloped edge is in wallpaper or plate set or the tasteful arrangement of pendant lighting? Designer’s Mark has a highly experienced staff of design consultants on-site serving clients from Palm Beach, Boca Raton, to Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Custom Design

Whether you’re interested in interior, exterior or custom home décor, a Designer’s Mark consultant is here to guide you through your selection and the installation process. A consultant works with you closely to understand what your needs are and the kind of statement you want to make. Your home is a reflection of your individual taste, beauty, and character. If you’re planning a custom redesign of your outdoor space for entertaining during the balmy and enchanting Florida evenings, we should be your design destination.

Exceptional Quality Brands

Designer’s Mark carries the highest quality brands in the industry from the illustrated art books of Assouline, stunning and functional custom window treatments hand-constructed from exotic fabrics, and handpicked craftsman accessory pieces from Pinetti, Sklo, and many other European exclusives.

Designer’s Mark also carries the most exquisite fabrics in the industry from Romo (UK) to the avant-garde inspiration of Misia (France). If your taste tends to veer toward classic American modernism, we also carry the Ralph Lauren lifestyle brand.

The Details

When considering a custom or re-design, you have to include those finishes that suit your personal style. Argentinian silversmith and design house, Plata Lappas, are famous for their expertly crafted leather and silver home accessory pieces; from frames to leather baskets perfect for a sitting room or den. Wallcover treatment options at Designer’s Mark abound including Bob Rans’ Omexco, well known for their printing and embossing techniques.

Outdoor Spaces

Tropical and romantic outdoor spaces are a part of South Florida living, whether entertaining by the pool or hosting a garden party. For patios and atriums, Lectus and Link Outdoor are famous for their stylish outdoor furniture that is perfect for family gatherings and entertaining. Whether you’re inspired by Hemingway’s Key West bungalow or the Art Deco period of South Beach, Designer’s Mark can make your dream a reality. Explore more outdoor furnishing options and contact us for a visit to our showroom.

Designer’s Mark has 25 years of experience in the industry and is a leader in high-end, luxury interior and exterior design both transitional and contemporary. Visit our showroom in Boca Raton to learn more about our services and options. We pride ourselves and stand by our reputation as one of the premier design showrooms in South Florida. From interior to exterior spaces, working closely with you on a home remodel, window to wall treatments and exquisitely made home accessories that make an impressive statement, we are here to guide you through the process.

Home Décor and the Trades at Designer’s Mark

We also work directly with trade professionals including freelance or industrial designers to architects at the wholesale level. We pride ourselves on exemplary service for all of our clients. If you’re interested in our trade program, please complete our online registration form and give us a call to schedule a sit-down.

Feel free to check the Designer’s Mark blog regularly for updates, inspiration, current trends, and our expanding product line and services. Thank you for your interest in our company and we welcome you to be part of our success!

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