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At Designer’s Mark we’re aware our lives have been upended by current events. In the moment as we deal with a change in our routines, having the time to be still, to dream and cultivate your creativity, can be therapeutic and meditative. In this post we’ll share resources and inspiration to help you plan and visualize your home design style.

Digital Inspiration

We’ll begin by sharing a plethora of design inspiration you can source online. We adore the Bungalow 5 blogs inspired living and design stories. Then you can hop over to the Assouline Instagram page for some divine lifestyle and interior ideas. While you’re on IG, remember to follow Designer’s Mark as well! Other resources we love include Luxe Magazine, Coastal Living, and Cocotraie, a magazine of tropical architecture and design.

Explore Our Brands

Since you’re at home, take a moment to imagine an Adriana Hoyos set of custom upholstered chairs and wood dining table – stunning Latin American modern style. Based in Quito, Ecuador, the Adriana Hoyos line is available directly through Designer’s Mark. Global Views, established in 1997, offers an elegant and unique line of game accessories and art pieces. Bandalux creates innovative window treatments that enhance space with style and efficiency. If you’re planning to re-decorate a single room or an accent wall, consider the cutting-edge wallpaper of Elitis.

Our luxury fabric lines are sure to inspire, from the iconic American style of Ralph Lauren to the exquisite textiles of Romo and the expert upholstery linens and wall coverings of Stroheim. For pops of color in your tropical home look into the blue and yellow textiles and prints of Clarke & Clarke. For the more modern aesthete, consider Misia’s line of bold and intricate designs inspired by the early 20th-century avant-garde movement.


A key feature of South Florida living is our outdoor space. Backyards are transformed into tropical paradises with palm trees and saw palmetto embracing lush gardens of pentas, coreopsis, and bougainvillea. Maybe you love to host events during Art Basel season. Perhaps your outdoor space could be expanded with a sustainable bamboo bar and lounge area. Our outdoor furniture brands are selected to be both functional and stylish, from the modern luxe of Link to the bestselling Kingsley Bate.

Home Accessories

Designer’s Mark also has an impressive portfolio of home accessories to choose from, including SkLO, artisans of hand-blown Czech glass, and the beautiful geometric mirrors from LA-based Mirror Home. We’re also pleased to feature the high-end and Bespoke Finishes of Nest Studio, which can be applied to fixtures, surfaces, and lighting.

Share Your Vision

The Designer’s Mark team has over 25 years in interior design experience. We’re here to guide and support you through each step in the planning and visualization of your home design. From pre-construction to remodeling, we have a discernible eye for scale and your unique style. We pride ourselves on our reputation serving clients in South Florida, including Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami-Dade.

We can work directly with your architect and contractor during your home design project to ensure that each phase goes smoothly from product selection and planning through installation. Designer’s Mark considers every aspect and detail, making your vision come to life. Whether your taste is more functional with accents of color or you prefer avant-garde modernism in your plan – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

For example, the open-floor plan is popular in contemporary and luxury design. The primary appeal of open floor is the absence of barriers. The space itself is fluid from kitchen to island (or dining counter) to the living area where there may be a fireplace, a flat screen, or a mounted centerpiece artwork. The appeal of the open floor is that it allows freedom of movement from one area to another. Family and friends can gather without squeezing through doorways or around divider walls. Open-floor space is complementary to a home with a view and segues as an entryway to the patio and pool area.

When we’re all back in the flow of life again, we welcome you to visit the Designer’s Mark showroom for an initial consultation. For now, you can take a peek at our gallery. We have ample space to showcase our impeccable brands, samples, swatches, accessories, and set pieces. As we say in Spanish, buen salud y que viva (good health and to life)!

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