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Picture-perfect homes, while beautiful, often feel like they’re missing something vital. Homeowners who are unsatisfied with their home’s design often attribute this feeling to a lack of quality or bad design work, but the solution is much more subtle These homes lack personality.

To take a well-styled house and turn it into a gorgeous home, you need to have your personality infused into every design choice. One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in custom furn

To fill your home with a leader in organic design and elegance and vibrant personality, you need to embrace Verellen custom furniture. Read on to learn all about Verellen’s made to order custom furniture, the renowned furniture brand, and how their designer pieces can elevate your home.

custom furniture

What Is Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture refers to furniture built following the customer’s specifications. As the customer, you can have control over the color, type of material, finish, and design of your custom furniture piece. I

In the past, “custom-made” referred to furniture that the customer had limited design control But in recent years, the term’s meaning has shifted. Nowadays, “custom-made” refers to furniture pieces where the customer has a plethora of options to select from including fabric, finish, length, width, firmness, etc.

custom furniture

Why Choose Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture offers the opportunity to perfect a piece of furniture you’ve already fallen in love with, ensuring it fits your space and suits your design style. Custom furniture can be an invaluable source of inspiration because it’s practical, personal, and versatile.


One of the best reasons to choose custom furniture is the ability to influence the shape, size, and layout of a piece to best fit your space. Living room sets are classic examples of furniture where customization would boost their practicality. For some homes, a left L-shaped sofa optimizes the available space, while the right-handed equivalent better serves others.


Many homeowners struggle with adding life to their interiors, particularly those with distinct interior design styles. Customizing furniture breathes life into your home by infusing key pieces with sparkling personality. Personalization means your furniture not only fits your particular circumstances and needs but also builds an interior you love by reflecting your tastes and interests.


When you can customize a piece of furniture, you have countless additional design options and directions available to you. You’re no longer limited to boring pieces because they’re the only options that match your interior – you can customize the fabric and wood stain of a piece to ensure it fits your decor.

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How To Choose Custom Furniture For Your Space

When looking for custom furniture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of options and configurations available to you. But the process doesn’t have to be complicated, and it essentially comes down to two questions:

1) How big is the space I’m trying to fill?

It’s pointless investing in a custom sofa that doesn’t fit into your living room. Knowing the limitations of your space will guide your decisions as you plan which pieces and configurations to choose.

2) What design style am I looking for?

While you want your custom furniture to stand out, you don’t want these pieces to look out of place. Customizing the fabric and stain of a piece of furniture ensures it blends with your existing decor. Custom furniture should complete your spaces, not compete with them.

custom furniture

Why You’ll Fall In Love With Verellen Custom Furniture

Verellen is a Belgian inspired-American furniture line known for producing heirloom quality furniture using traditional techniques and meticulous craftsmanship. Combining the art of Belgian conception with trusted American production, they produce pieces that strike the perfect balance between innovation and timelessness.

Verellen pieces create rooms that carry you through the year, staging the perfect backdrop for unforgettable holiday memories and the precious mundane moments of everyday life.

Verellen Furniture uses over 300 fabrics, endless wood finish options, and countless configurations to give you the best chance of creating a piece that seamlessly fits your home.

The Fabrics

Verellen fabrics are graded according to thickness and durability. Some fabrics are hardier, making them more suitable for high-use items or outdoor spaces. Other fabrics are more delicate and are better suited to indoor spaces.

Two things that all Verellen fabrics have in common are a celebration of texture and undeniable quality. All Verellen’s fabrics have a heavy-duty abrasion rating, meaning they’re unlikely to show wear and tear after two years of regular use.

The Finishes

Verellen prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of wood stains and finishes for every item they produce. While there is always a level of natural variation in tone and texture due to the organic nature of wood, you can expect to see the following finishes throughout their furniture ranges:

Walnut Finish Options

  • Dead Flat: A muted, neutral finish that allows the natural grain of the wood to shine.
  • Clear Satin Sealer: A muted finish with subtle red undertones.

Ash Finish Options

  • Bleached Whitewash: A pale, bright finish with buttery yellow undertones.
  • Greywash: A pale, muted finish with hints of red and purple in the grain.
  • Ebony: A dull, dark finish with subtle green undertones.
  • Bourbon: A rich, chocolately finish reminiscent of ancient ballroom floors.
  • Fumed: A dark, warm finish with neutral undertones.
  • Espresso: A cool, dramatic black finish with neutral undertones.
  • Raw Coal w/ Matte Sealer: A black finish with neutral undertones and no shine.
  • Coal: A dark, muted finish with cool undertones and very little contrast in the grain.
  • Sandblasted Raw Coal: A dark finish with neutral undertones and moderate contrast in the grain.

Poplar Finish Options

  • Raw Layered Lumber: A bright, pale finish with golden contrast in the grain.

The Pieces

Some Verellen customization features aim to make every piece of furniture work in every type of space – whether you’re trying to fill a large space or make the most out of every square inch.

Their sectional sofas come in a variety of configurations to help you kit your living room with the ideal seating arrangement for your unique space. Their sectionals can have the following configuration options:

  • Ottomans of various sizes
  • Armless Straight Back
  • Armless Curved Back
  • RAF or LAF Curved Back
  • Chair
  • RAF or LAF Chair
  • Chair with Right or Left Return
  • Armless Lounge
  • Lounge with Right or Left Return
  • RAF or LAF Lounge

And more!

Timeless Verellen Custom Furniture only at Designer’s Mark

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with elegance and personality and specifically the Verellen branded lifestyle, look no further than the Designer’s Mark Verellen Showroom in Boca Raton, Florida. At Designer’s Mark, you will find a dedicated showroom to the Verellen brand. As an exclusive Verellen representative, Designer’s Mark is well-geared to offer you the client the complete Verellen line and customization options, from order to delivery and beyond.

For inquiries into Verellen custom furniture or any of our luxury designer brands, contact the Designer’s Mark team at 561-961-4149 today

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