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Lighting is one of the most pivotal aspects influencing the interior design of our homes. Seeing lighting fixtures up close in a lighting showroom can help get your inspiration going — while also giving you peace of mind about the quality of the fixtures that are going into your home. We always recommend seeing designers’ work up close, not just to check the quality, but also to appreciate the art and design that’s gone into each piece.

Revelation Lighting

Why Focus On Lighting?

Like any other part of your home, your lighting fixtures should inspire you and effortlessly match your personal style. By simply changing a bulb’s temperature, you can change the atmosphere of your space. This makes lighting a core element of your home’s design — alongside space, lines, form, color, texture, and pattern. These elements of design all need to be harmonious in a space for an effective design style, and lighting your home with cohesive temperatures and fixtures can make this task a breeze.

So, lighting is used to link spaces, elevate spaces, and provide atmosphere. What’s the best way to do it? The answer depends on your home’s style and current furnishings. Whether you have a full remodel planned or you’re just looking to tweak one or two aspects of your space, working with and around lighting can simplify your home design process.

Like any other part of your home, it’s essential to invest in quality. Quality pieces will stand the test of time and in some cases be a conversation starter. It’s imperative to find the nexus between form and function for your home’s lighting system, with neither side falling to a compromise. In places where you need technical lighting, like in a kitchen, you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics to find the lighting setup that works for you.

Lighting Designer Spotlight

To help kickstart your inspiration, we want to highlight several designers who are currently leading the interior and exterior lighting design world. They’re at the forefront of innovative designs that inspire and elevate, and we’re delighted to have some of their works on show in our Boca Raton showroom. With their own varied design processes and techniques, there are collections to suit a wide range of different home styles. From glass to wood to metal finishes, the lighting that excites you is just around the corner.


Art & Alchemy

Art & Alchemy, part of Hubbardton Forge, have been leaders in the realm of lighting design. They give their artisans and designers a Workroom: a space where they can collaborate, create, and design. Their interior and exterior fixtures are made with 11 standard finishes, with a focus on natural materials like glass and metals. They also offer custom coloring and tooling to fit your needs. Their Coral pendant is a wonderful example of their work: a handcrafted coral branch made from aluminum, with a floating LED bar above for illumination. It defines their artistic process, which has a focus on uniqueness and elegance while remaining elevated.

Beacon Custom Lighting

Beacon Custom Lighting

Beacon Custom Lighting are defined by their traditional glassblowing technique, which began in Bohemia 130 years ago. With glass as their core medium, they create one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures that breathe simplicity and elegance. Noteworthy are their nature-inspired dome lights, which feature two-toned glass fading into a ripple-like texture at the base of the pendant, reminiscent of a drop in a pond. These pieces would be perfectly at home in creating an atmosphere of serenity. Their innovative use of glassblowing techniques has resulted in lighting domes with several shapes and intricacies, making them conversation starters and unique works of art.


Eurofase Lighting

Eurofase have an exterior collection just as vast as their interior collection. This often-overlooked element of home lighting can have a great impact on creating cohesiveness in your home, so make sure to elevate your outdoor spaces. From when you arrive in the driveway right up until you’re settled in your living room. These exterior pieces are simple, functional, and elevated, perfectly suited to level up your driveway, patio, or lawn. We love giving some extra attention to the exterior of a home’s front door: this is where you enter each day, and where guests will wait before you entertain.


Cyan Design

Cyan Design is a family-owned design company with over 20 years in the business. They’re focused on helping you create spaces that cultivate daily rituals and relaxation. They have a passion for sustainable design and local creation. Their lighting collections range from task-focused items to masterful centerpieces, with a trend towards calming, neutral, and inspiring designs. Their light-toned pieces would work especially well in an elevated beach style home, with the Rockport light pendant a particularly recommended creation. Milky white spheres are suspended by a white cotton rope, with an aged brass ceiling hook for installation.

hinkley lighting

Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting have an astounding history: from humble beginnings in 1922 in Ohio to a design workhouse with a long-lasting family legacy. They make elegance effortless, with a modern style merged with coastal, industrial, rustic, traditional, and classic glam inspirations. They create lighting pieces for all parts of the home, and they have a classic style that’s easy to blend with your existing furnishings and home style.

Lighting Showroom in Boca Raton

When used right, lighting can illuminate and elevate your space, bringing simple sophistication with ease. However, it can take a practiced eye to help you implement it in the right way. Ready to make sure that your lighting works for your space?

At Designer’s Mark have decades of experience in the interior design industry, and our design experts are on hand to help you rejuvenate your home.

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