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Since 1999, Verellen Furniture has set itself apart with its timeless finishes, breathtaking designs, and quality workmanship. The pieces from their latest collection celebrate innovative design, mixing natural elements with classic shapes to create a trendy but ageless collection.

At Designer’s Mark, our Verellen showroom is filled with Belgian-inspired brilliance, showcasing luxurious designer furniture pieces. We’ve perused the Verellen catalog to pick out our favorite pieces in the seating, surface, and lighting categories.

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Verellen is a brand that knows how to create a lasting atmosphere in a space. Although their seating options range from the simplest of occasional stools to the most expansive and versatile sectional sofas, their classic style and warmth are imbued in every luxury seating piece.

Aspen Daybed

Available in LAF and RAF configurations, the Aspen Daybed celebrates the feeling of relaxing in nature. The swooping and sculptural hardwood base looks like wind given form, with its curves gently supporting the plush cushions you could spend hours on. The Aspen looks effortless in multiple upholstery options, including fuzzy woolen blends and cool, crisp linens.

Hannah Sofa

The Hannah Sofa is inviting and classic. With three large backrest cushions and four throw pillows, you have endless options for comfort, whether you’re sharing the sofa with multiple friends and family or lounging on your own.

Verellen sofas are known for their hardiness, and the Hannah sofa is no exception. With a sturdy base and 8-way hand-tied seat construction, this is a sofa that can withstand cuddles with kids and pets, endless hours of entertainment, and generations of joy.

Gaston Dining Chair

The Gaston Dining Chair features a small frame that packs a comfortable punch. Designed to support you through long hours of conversation around the dinner table, the Gaston design is marked by its round base and gently curved backrest. The exposed wooden base strikes a healthy balance between soft and hard edges, with the rounded bases of the legs offsetting their flat width.

Elodie Club Chair

Inviting and chic, the Elodie Club Chair features a reclined wooden frame and fuzzy textured upholstery that creates unmatched coziness. The back legs of the chair draw neatly together, celebrating the curved angles of the polished hardwood that oozes mid-century charm.

Lola Outdoor Lounge

Futuristic and fresh, the Lola Outdoor Lounge looks like something out of a comforting sci-fi movie. Its avocado shape has a large curved backrest that encourages you to stay a while and rest. Generous and hard-wearing, this outdoor sofa includes a water-resistant liner so it can withstand even the toughest of weather while remaining comfortable and stylish.

Maxim Floor Pillow

The Maxim Floor Pillow is a wide invitation for play and relaxation. Whether you use these floor pillows as additional seating, footrests, or extra-large sofa cushions, the Maxim pillow is guaranteed to provide lasting comfort and endless style. Available in a wide variety of fabric options, you have no shortage of creative choices when using the Maxim in your home.

verellen furniture


Verellen’s craftsmen are masters of hardwood and imitation wood textures. Their surfaces are durable, stylish, and reliable. If you’re looking to host intimate gatherings or large dinner parties, there’ll be a piece for you.

Olive Nesting Tables

Featuring four flat oval table legs, the Olive Nesting Tables are unlike any tables you’ve seen before. They are also available in coffee table and side table sizes. These tables were inspired by Robert Motherwell’s studies in the Abstract Expressionist Era, making them the perfect addition to any home filled with unique decor and statement pieces.

Made from sustainably sourced hardwood, these tables are available in a variety of finishes.

Barcelona Dining Table

The Barcelona Dining Table features a simple round top that rests upon a curving set of legs. When viewed from the side, it feels as if you’re looking at four empty picture frames that have come together to share a secret.

The table is marked with intricate simplicity, at once obvious and surprising. The Barcelona would look at home in a soft Industrial or Contemporary home.

Cadiz Dining Table

Paying homage to Brutalism design, the Cadiz Dining Table is monolithic and grand. Generous slits in the thick table legs take the edge off the severity of the piece, introducing curiosity and brightness. A solid round pole stretches across the length of the piece beneath the table surface, drawing the eye along the table and softening the straight lines seen throughout the silhouette.

Segovia Coffee Table

The Segovia 48” Coffee Table is unexpected and proud. The two table surfaces are held in place by upholstered rectangles which are angled to follow the curves of the rounded tabletops. The result is interesting and exceptionally functional, as you can use the lower tabletop for storage while maintaining the sleek look of an empty coffee table.

verellen furniture


When it comes to lighting fixtures, Verellen gets playful. They experiment with shapes and shadows to create unique lighting fixtures that are artwork in their own right.

Turin Table Lamp

The Turin Table Lamp experiments with texture through an upholstered lamp base. Although demonstrated with a bold fuzzy wool blend, the lamp base can also be covered with other fabrics like leather to create a more subtle textured effect. The upholstered base is a tall rectangular box, which mimics the sharp corners of the square lamp shade.

Bormio Pendant

The Bormio Pendant light features an exposed bulb fixed to a round wooden “shade”, hung by a delicately twisted cord. The twisting of the cord pays a subtle homage to the chain of a chandelier, echoing the small moments of intrigue that set great design apart from competing brands.

Fun Guy Lamp

Funky and modern, the Fun Guy Lamp mimics the shape of a mushroom. It has a half-sphere lamp shade that rests upon a wide cylindrical base, all made from crushed stone composite. The result is an artful dispersal of light, which takes a playful spin at connecting to nature without the typical green hues or wooden textiles.

Urbino Floor Lamp

Stately and proud, the Urbino Floor Lamp stands at 76” and features an organic base that seems to move with the wind. The firm round base branches off into two smooth arcs, which meet just below the lamp shade. The result is whimsical and soft. This lamp would be the perfect finishing touch for Coastal or Modern homes.

Experience Verellen Furniture at Designer’s Mark

Since their beginning, Verellen has consistently produced heirloom-quality furniture with unfaltering style and relevance.

Designer’s Mark are proud distributors of Verellen’s full range of luxury furniture. If you’ve been inspired by any of the pieces in the Verellen showroom, why not incorporate your favorite pieces into your home designs?

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