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Art and Alchemy Lighting

Art & Alchemy Lighting

Vermont based Art and Alchemy creates custom lighting systems based on the belief of artistry in design. Art and Alchemy fixtures and lighting are made from brass, steel, stone, wood, cast metals, and hand-blown glass. The word alchemy dates back to the Middle Ages and means the magical process of transforming a common substance or material into a substance of great value.

In terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship, Art and Alchemy fabricators find much of their inspiration from the Bauhaus, a German art school that existed from 1919 – 1933. Bauhaus was famous for its approach to design and a desire to unify all aspects of the visual arts into a concept called Gesamtkunstwerk (comprehensive artwork).

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    The Workroom

    Art and Alchemy uses the Workroom as a collaborative space where designers and fabricators come together to create unique lighting systems and pieces from initial concept, development, to fabrication, and production. A place for experimentation and creative exploration, all prototypes and tooling are created on-site at the Workroom.

    The Crystal Nebula Modular System

    Initially launched during 2019 West Week, Los Angeles, the Crystal Nebula, designed by David Kitts & Andy Morter in collaboration with Swarovski, are modular lighting systems constructed of metal and inlaid with genuine Swarovski crystals. Fabricated into a spiraling, abstract filigree fixture, the Crystal Nebula is a captivating piece of illuminated wall art, yet also a functional and versatile system that can be installed vertically, horizontally, or coiled around a column. The possibilities are endless! The Crystal Nebula is offered in 3-, 9- and 12-light formats and can be customized in a variety of Art and Alchemy finishes.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Art and Alchemy invests time and research into outdoor lighting that are both weather resistant and aesthetically beautiful. Most outdoor fixture collections are tested in their salt-water chamber and are backed by Art and Alchemy’s Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty.

    The Procession Outdoor Sconce is a modernist design of several recessed plates that create the illusory perspective of a proscenium (a term used in theater design). The insert options include hand blown glass with Swarovski crystal, metal, or slate. Procession is available in square, rectangular, or arched formats and a variety of finish options.

    Reminiscent of arts and crafts design, but within the context of a metallic colorspace, the sculptural Illuma is constructed of hand-hammered aluminum vertical reeds with scalloped edges connected by a central band. The Illuma is offered in a two-toned Art and Alchemy finish option.

    The Moon Outdoor Sconce is an illuminated orb of cast glass set in a brushed aluminum frame. The Scepter Outdoor Double Sconce is linear and clean angles and features 2” x 2” solid glass that is scored at the back to diffuse light. The Scepter is durable enough to withstand the elements while remaining a work of flawless design. Also available as a single uplight sconce, the Scepter can be used as flank lighting at a vanity or console.

    The Fusion Outdoor Wall Sconce is a modern geometric piece of blended metal and glass. Each piece has air pockets left intact during the blow, with a rectangular cut-out made into the glass and mounted on studs/spokes from the metal backing. The interplay between the two materials creates the illusion of the glass floating in space.

    Like the Fusion Outdoor Wall Sconce, the Fusion Pendant is taken to a more complex, visual level at larger scale. The Fusion is a mix of cool steel and warm, illuminated billets of fused art glass. Each Fusion is made by hand with unique characteristics that come from the maker’s process.

    About the Fusion Sconce and Fusion Pendant, Design and Development engineer, Jason Hancock stated that Art and Alchemy experimented with the glass blow process, cut and fabrication of the metal plates. Precise cut-outs were then made to the glass and the results were exceptional. The Fusion series in particular would be an excellent installation for the hospitality or commercial sectors.

    The Coral was inspired by one of nature’s beautiful living art forms – the coral. Art and Alchemy developed their own in-house casting process in the development and artistic interpretation of this aluminum sculptural piece. The designers at Art and Alchemy used a combination of hand-poured molten aluminum into casts of organic forms. The resulting pieces were similar, but with individual variation. In the final phase the pieces are cut, polished, welded by hand, and polished again to form a beautiful lattice of suspended lighting design.

    Art and Alchemy Lighting: Custom Projects With Designer’s Mark

    Are you ready to make your mark? Art and Alchemy specialize in custom, one-of-a-kind projects and invites collaboration from designers and their partner showrooms as is the case with Designer’s Mark in Boca Raton. To learn more, contact Designer’s Mark directly for a consultation and as always, stay up to date with us on Instagram for the latest trends, current projects, and featured collections.

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