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Beacon Custom Lighting

Beacon Custom Lighting showroom

Beacon Custom Lighting is steeped in history and tradition, delivering ever-evolving collections that pull inspiration from the natural world. Natural materials are fused with nature as a muse, resulting in pieces that evoke sophistication. Originally started to create and manufacture custom statement pieces for grand hotels and reception halls, the artisanal lighting fixtures have always been made to impress. Now the company has ventured into pursuing the market gap for custom ordered pieces of lighting art, aimed for the higher end residential market.

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    Beacon Custom Lighting: Craftsmanship

    The artisan techniques used by Beacon Custom Lighting began 130 years ago in Bohemia, in the Czech mountains. The traditional glassblowing techniques started with a focus on function, and over time it was learned that aesthetics could be embraced equally. Once utility was achieved, they branched into a wide array of natural materials to create works of art that inspired as well as illuminated.

    In addition to traditional glass, Beacon Custom Lighting uses top-of-the-line natural materials like brass and alabaster to handcraft lighting fixtures. They pride themselves on a nearly entire in-house design process, from the first concept in the design studio right through to the finishing touches being completed in their workshop. They’ve taken a digital leap forward, merging hand-crafted finished and construction with 3D software.

    What’s created from their process are lighting fixtures like no other. They’re conversation starters, and design trendsetters, and they’re sure to take your home’s style to the next level. It’s the combined influence of past and future art that moves Beacon Custom Lighting forward, and they continuously deliver.

    Standard & Custom

    Among the collections offered by Beacon Custom Lighting are modern lighting and custom lighting. The modern lighting collections form the bulk of the workshop creations, a mix of smooth or warped glass that showcases glassblowing techniques while remaining stylish. The Meio collection uses a double-glass technique, allowing for different bubbles and color tones in the same light fixture. This is manually made, an expert creation by artisans using tried and traditional techniques.

    It’s easy to see the natural inspiration of the Pond collection, but it nevertheless fails to inspire in its simplicity. The large color-changing dome is blown to appear like a droplet in a pond, creating a natural flow effect. It is innovative and sophisticated, and a perfect fit for homes that need that extra touch of something special. They’re a signature style from the workshop and are available in several blues, neutrals, and metallics to complement your home’s style.

    Ursa takes natural inspiration from the stars, drawing from the visions of the upper atmosphere to create pieces that feel like planets. The techniques used to form these swirled glass marvels are unique, meaning no two Ursa pendants are the same.

    Beacon Custom Lighting’s craftsmanship is highlighted in their custom orders. They work with interior designers, architects, in commercial and residential applications for those looking for something remarkable for their space, through limited exclusive distributors such as the Designer’s Mark showroom. There’s no limit to what their artisans can create, and their portfolio of bold and bright custom fixtures is truly outstanding.

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    Designer’s Mark is proud to announce the exclusive distribution offering of Beacon Custom Lighting for the Southeastern US and Caribbean. There’s no better place to start for inspiration than our Boca Raton showroom, and there’s no better craft to be inspired by. Visit us today to see how your space can be enhanced by handmade luxury.

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