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Hinkley Lighting


Hinkley Lighting lives and breathes elegance. There’s no better place to go for inspiration and revitalization for your space, and they make luxury effortless. They take the charm of the old and the innovation of the new and perfectly combine the two in every creation. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or for something to blend with the rest of your style, Hinkley Lighting has what you need, and they have it in style.

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    The Story: Hinkley Lighting

    The Hinkley story began over 100 years ago, in Cleveland, Ohio, as a company selling outdoor lanterns for residences. Created by Phil R. Hinkley in 1922, Hinkley Lighting became a joint endeavor in the 1930s with the addition of Stanley Wiedemer, a traveling salesman. Ever since then, Hinkley has been a business with family at its core, with the 3rd and 4th Wiedemer generations taking part in the brand’s success.

    Over the years, they have continued with Cleveland as their base, ensuring the legacy and inspiration behind the brand. Moreover, they care about their community and their designer family. When Fletcher Rollinson, the son of a product designer at Hinkley Lighting, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, Hinkley decided to give back to the organization that treated him. This is how they launched Purchase with a Purpose, an initiative to give back a percentage of sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is an ongoing initiative involving their Fletcher Collection, an outstanding example of the effortless luxury that they can design, with charity at its heart.

    Designer Favorites: Lighting Standouts

    We’ve chosen a few of our favorite inspirations and collections that we feel embody the brand and its style. Hinkley offers hundreds of pieces to suit a large array of styles, but they’re consistent in quality and craftsmanship. Whatever your personal style, your home is in good hands with Hinkley Lighting.

    Coastal Style

    Their coastal style options take beachside style to the next level. While it is by no means rustic, they take this inspiration and elevate it in dark bronze and black finishes, with lanterns and hanging light fixtures that feel nautical without the stereotypes. They draw inspiration from old traditional wharf lights, with some fixtures featuring a copper reflector for additional intrigue alongside seedy glass.


    Exposed lighting is made easy in the industrial style, accented with warm bulbs and metallic frames and finishes. The Fulton pendant range would make a kitchen or dining area pop with ease. This range features pendants with between one and five bulbs, encased in a simple bronze cage, giving the feel of vintage elegance.


    If simple isn’t your style, you may be inspired by Hinkley Lighting’s glam-inspired pieces. Featuring three-tier chandeliers and mosaicked glass drums, this style brings extravagance with the same luxury Hinkley feel. The Styx collection is made of overlapping gilded gold sticks, arranged with a natural inspiration that still feels elevated, with black finishes and LED lighting built into the frame. With the lighting source “hidden” in this innovative way, the lighting fixtures become more than just functional, they become standout pieces of art that contribute to your home’s style and atmosphere.

    Hinkley Lighting at Designer’s Mark

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