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Eurofase Lighting

Eurofase Lighting showroom

Eurofase Lighting has been leading the industry in innovative and unique lighting installations for the last 30 years, always ready to bring something new to the market. They cater to all styles, from the extravagant to the minimalist, with the promise of exquisite quality custom for that special touch.

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    Masterful Interiors: Created With Passion

    While Eurofase separates their creations into the categories of Form and Function, there’s no doubt that every piece fills both roles. After all, your home is your utopia, and it’s the meeting of function and aesthetics that makes your space unique.

    Eurofase Form lights are creative pieces: strong accent pieces that draw the eye, or pendants that slot in with your home’s personal style with effortless ease. These lights bring a strong and unique atmosphere with them, highlighting your home’s decor and setting the tone for each room. The Coburg Pendant, available in both gold and black tones, evokes a strong sense of modernism, perfect for the art connoisseur.

    On the other hand, Eurofase Function lights focus on highlighting the space around them. Recessed lighting and linear systems work to provide an inconspicuous spotlight for the accent pieces in your home. Both track and linear systems can be customized to point light where you need it, at the brightness you want.

    Bath and mirror lighting pieces by Eurofase are instant atmosphere-setters. Adding soft lighting to mirrors works wonders in turning a simple room into a relaxing dressing area or turning a bathroom into a haven of relaxation. The creatives behind these intriguing designs take use and aesthetics into consideration, creating lighting fixtures that do more for your space. The use of light in innovative ways is what pushes Eurofase into the future of home lighting and cements its space as the go-to for custom work.

    Innovative Exteriors: Built To Inspire

    The creativity isn’t left indoors when it comes to lighting fixtures. Your yard and driveway still combine to form your home, and creative lighting can bring outdoor spaces to life in wonderful ways. Direct lighting on your home showcases exterior finishes and guides you to the front door in the dark. Whether you’re after a classic touch like the warm Muller mounted light, or a more modern approach like the Paradiso LED light, there’s something for every style from Eurofase.

    Landscape lighting plays an essential role in curating your outdoor space for both relaxation and entertaining. Draw attention to highlight areas in your yard by illuminating trees and flower beds and matching this to your entertainment area’s atmosphere. Cohesion in your home’s style is vital all around, and the right lighting can tie it all together.

    The driveway bollard collections offer a markedly modern and stylish solution to practical outdoor lighting, with a range offered in black, antique bronze, and graphite gray tones. Designed with usability and style in mind, these collections combine form and function in the tried and tested Eurofase way.

    Eurofase Lighting At Designer’s Mark

    There’s no time like the present to be inspired by Eurofase lighting projects and find the perfect match for your home. Timeless elegance and modern minimalism both find their home in the innovative lighting collections available, filled with pieces that are sure to inspire you day after day.

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