The Difference Luxury Wallcoverings Can Make To Your Space


It’s easy to overlook wallcoverings when thinking about your design vision. However, luxury wallpaper might just be what you need to elevate and complete your space. Interior design works when all the elements are cohesive, and wallcoverings are key to pulling your design idea together. Whether you need an accent wall or something to soften your space, here’s how to make wallcoverings work for your style.

Design Basics: Luxury Wallcoverings

There are a lot of interior design “rules” out there, but the most important of them all is that your space should show your personality and your style. The easiest way to do this is with wallpaper. Wallpaper can give a room an added layer of depth, and complex wallpaper adds a point of interest for the eye.

Adding Depth

It’s all about texture. Even on a relatively plain wall, you don’t want a flat layer of paint. A textured wallcovering adds depth without taking away the design choice of block colors. This is an easy way to add sophistication to an otherwise plain space. One of our favorites is Moonstone by Omexco Wallcoverings. This natural-inspired wallpaper looks like stardust in varying neutral shades, for an overall organic feel. Offset by your home’s furnishings and greenery, this is a stylish choice for a sophisticated home.

You might be after a softer finish for living areas. We love the Tela pattern by Arte Wallcoverings, available in neutrals with a woven appearance. It’s easier to apply than paint and works wonders for your home’s style. In parallel with other entries from the Essentials collection, you can create accent walls for art or living spaces, drawing the eye to where you want it to be.

Adding Personality

A simple wall isn’t for everyone. Bold, maximalist, and geometric prints are timeless when executed well. They also show the perfect amount of personality, which is essential in creating a space that inspires you. Designing with Arte Wallcoverings elevates your space while balancing that feeling of luxury and personal style.

Whether you want your wall to be an intricate work of art or an abstract pattern that inspires, Arte Wallcoverings have a wide range of collections to help you add personality to your space. We love the breath of fresh air that is the Memento Moooi Medley, soft green and blue pastels decorated with greenery and wild animals. It adds character and intrigue to a blank space, offering several opportunities for color pops in contrast furnishings.

Wallpaper Design Tips

Wallcoverings play on perspective. You can make a room appear larger or smaller depending on your color and textile choices, and this works to your designer’s advantage. Bedrooms can be made to feel cozier, and entryways more welcoming with the right pattern on your walls. More importantly, wallcoverings don’t work alone.

An expert designer ties together a room’s lighting, existing furnishings, and color scheme to create a space that’s cohesive. How you style your walls also depends on your vision for your home. Do you want your office bright and airy, or with a darker, more modern theme? An interior designer can help you refine your vision and discover the luxury wallcoverings that will work for your space.

Luxury Wallcoverings at Designer’s Mark

Bring your home to the next level. Visit our Boca Raton showroom for a private consultation and discover how your space can be revitalized and refreshed. We’ll guide you and source wallpaper that truly inspires, with your home and design style at the forefront of the process.

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