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Omexco Wallcoverings

Omexco showroom

Beginning in 1976, Omexco Wallcoverings have been designed to be conservation-focused, bringing style and sophistication into the design market. Omexco’s track record of unique and varied collections that inspire have offered design solutions for decades, bridging the gap between nature and modern design.

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    About Omexco Wallcoverings

    Omexco wallcoverings are designed and brought to life near Brussels, with a heavy focus on wallpapers that transform your space and contribute to sustainability. Collections are many, varied, and show off natural inspirations in a wide range of ways, from simple-toned textures to ornate natural art.

    Design Inspirations

    In-house designers work in tandem with Omexco’s production team to realize collections that constantly put a new design foot forward. With extensive experience on both textile and non-woven wallcoverings, they work to bring something new to wallpaper. Quality isn’t sacrificed for quality, and every collection delivers.

    From a modern and light geometric theme to the bright and wonderful colors of summer, Omexco wallcoverings take global inspirations and turn them into emotive and inspiring art. Statement walls have never looked better, and texture has never been so important when choosing how to style your walls. Summed as quiet luxury and refined elegance, Omexco wallpapers never fail to inspire.

    From paperstrip to textiles, Omexco created collections with a wide variety of naturally sourced textures. Highlight collections Loft and Mineral use glass beads, and Bijou and Tribu offer paperstrip patterns that feel both creative and inspired. Tribu draws on ancient Japanese weaving techniques, feeling natural and earthy in bold and beautiful tones.

    The Ode collection embraces nature in the best of ways: some bright and some calming colors, natural patterns, and botanical inspirations that feel elegant and refined. If you’re after a statement wall, these balance expertly with Omexco’s single and duo-toned weaves.

    Eco-friendly Ethos

    Sustainability is key for Omexco during the design and manufacturing process. Recycled fibers and renewable materials are the go-to for textile designs, creating a production system that takes care of the environment as much as it stays ahead of trends. Every order is custom cut to reduce waste, eco-certified, and completely PVC free.

    Omexco makes sure that they’re leading the production from start to finish, delivering sophisticated products that are sourced from renewable materials, produced with renewable energy, and shipped out with pride.

    Omexco Wallcoverings in Boca Raton

    It’s time to use wallcoverings creatively. Omexco wallcoverings can elevate your space in moments, the deep textures highlighting your personal style and the furnishings you have in your home. Their non-woven and textile wallpapers are stain repellent treated, making maintenance an easy job. At the Designer’s Mark showroom, we’d love to show you some of our favorite Omexco collections and find the wallcovering that suits your style.

    Whether you love the simple, textured earth and jewel tones, or the geology and botanically inspired statement pieces, Omexco delivers quality that you can rely on day in and day out. Find your style and refresh your space and see How Omexco wallcoverings can elevate your home. To discuss viewing and availability, contact a member of our team, today!

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