Designer’s Mark Isn’t Just A Furniture Store In Boca Raton


Designer’s Mark is so much more than a furniture store— it’s an interior design haven in Boca Raton that’s ready to help you transform your space.

When you shop for furniture, you’re not just looking for individual items. You’re looking for furnishings that will pull your space together in new and exciting ways, adding cohesiveness and a breath of fresh air to your home.

Ready to be inspired? Here’s what Designer’s Mark can do for you.

More Than A Furniture Store: Our Services

Interior design is all about you, your home, and your style. There’s no one size fits all, but there is a style that fits you. We’re here to help you find it, and take your home’s design to the next level. Whether your vision is set or you’re ready to discover something new, our showroom and consultants can bring your home to life.

Interior & Exterior Design

Our team is on hand to see you through the entire process, from the first vision right through to a final reveal. We know how important it is to match personal style with quality furnishings that stand the test of time. Whether you’re after a hands-on approach or you’re ready to be surprised, we can’t wait to work with you.

Designer’s Mark has been influencing styling in interior and spaces for decades, using furnishings sourced from outstanding manufacturers. Quality, craftsmanship, style, and practicality all work hand in hand in the design process. If there’s custom you want then custom furniture is always available. Choosing custom textiles and finishes can change a house into a home— and more importantly, make it your space.


Details are important. When it comes to home accessories, your furnishings need to complete and enhance your space. Our ACCESSORIZE service makes finding those finishing touches so much simpler. We’ll discuss with you about your home and your vision, and provide you with a curated list of home accessories for you to choose from. We look at your style, your space, and what functionality you want out of your home’s accessories.

Our accessories expert Jill and the entire design team have years of experience in placing items that suit your lifestyle and enhance your home. Books, candles, and sculptures only scratch the surface of what home accessories can do for your space.

The Boca Raton Showroom

Sometimes you’re just looking for one addition to your home. Our showroom in Boca Raton lets you see designer work up close, perfect for when you’re after something to enhance your space without revitalizing your whole design style. Needing a drinks tray for summer entertaining? Our in-store collection has just what you need. The Designer’s Mark online store also carries a wide range of our products, perfect for ordering in from the comfort of your home.

Find Your Home With Designer’s Mark

Reinvent and revitalize your style with Designer’s Mark. Our in-store team is ready to help you find your vision and streamline the ordering and installation process, leaving you with hassle-free enhancements to your home.

Contact us at (561) 961-4149 to book a private consultation, and let us help you make your mark.

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