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There’s nothing less personal than a blank wall. When you need to pull a space together, make a disjointed room cohesive, the best way to do this is with wall coverings. Bring your personal style to the forefront of your home and see how you can make wall coverings elevate your space.

Why We Love Wall Coverings

When paint just doesn’t cut it, wall coverings bring color and texture with an extra edge into your design project. Brightening up a dull room, or adding depth to a living space, they can change your style with ease.


An interesting texture can refine your space in an instant, even if you’re sticking with block colors. The Silkx Raw collection from Arte’ is the go-to for simple elegance. Available in neutral tones and a rich natural green, the subtle texture works to add depth to your home without complex designs detracting from your home accessories.

If you want your walls to make a statement, Arte’ offers bold and vibrant solutions. The geometric patterns of Fraction, from the Artisan collection, can bring life to your space and color scheme. Matching contrast and highlight colors between wall coverings and furnishings makes for a room that feels designed with purpose and style.

Enhanced Durability

Unlike paint or wallpaper, wall coverings don’t need to be replaced or refreshed with every scuff. They’re built to last, and you’ll find it much harder to end up with blemishes on your wall. In the commercial and healthcare sectors, this enhanced durability also meets technical requirements like fire resistance, washability, and shock resistance.

In rooms with a lot of foot traffic, wall coverings reduce the time you spend cleaning. Light scuffs can be fixed with a sponge or cloth, instead of going to the trouble of fixing holes and imperfections on a painted wall.

Wall Coverings by Arte’

Arte has been an industry leader since 1981, with artisans releasing several curated collections each year. They find the blend between contemporary trends and handcrafted excellence, offering patterns that inspire. Focused on sustainability and environmental impact, they make use of natural materials in many of their collections, enhancing the textures and finishes on offer.

Arte’ supplies for both residential and contract projects, with no stone left unturned in the pattern creation process. The result is collections of sophisticated and elevated designs like the Botanic from the Manila collection, which we love to place at the intersection between indoor and outdoor living areas.

It’s all in the colors when you think of room design. Each of Arte’s wall coverings are offered in several different tones, so if there’s a pattern you love, it’ll be in a color you love. From monochrome basics to exquisite floral designs that look like fabric, Arte’ shows that they’re a master of color layering and coordination.

Finding Your Luxury Style with Designer’s Mark

Wall coverings can turn your space into a luxurious interior design haven. Used well, they can act as a statement or gallery wall; or provide some much-needed depth and difference to a simple living space. With so many collections on offer, it can be tough to know where to start.

At our Boca Raton showroom, your designer can show you a curated selection that aligns with your home’s vision. We’d love to work with you to bring a new level of luxury to your home, and help you turn a simple space into one where you can show off your individual style. Let us help you realize your home’s true potential. Call us at (561) 961-4149 for a consultation or fill out a Designer’s Mark online contact form to get started today!

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