What’s Your Home Aesthetics?

home aesthetics

Your home aesthetic is what brings your space together— it’s the cohesiveness that your home needs to provide that touch of your personality. Finding your personal home aesthetic is the first step in the home design process, it’s the springboard to jump from as you search for inspiration.

Many homeowners will already have an idea of what they’re after, but solidifying your style is the best way to help your personal home stylist find what’s perfect for your home.

We’re here with some of the most popular interior design styles to get you started.

Branching Out: Different Home Aesthetics

Not every home needs to stick to one style – in fact, many find that inspiration can flow with small variations in style between rooms with different functions. You may want a bright and breezy coastal kitchen, but a darker, more modern office. That’s the beauty of home design: you have full control over your space. However, a certain level of cohesiveness in terms of style can help pull your home together and feel unified.


Coastal homes (not to be confused with nautical homes) are spaces that use the blue of the sea and the gold of the sand to shine. They embrace the natural surroundings outside of the home and create an interior space that reflects the best of Florida’s scenery. Whites and blues open rooms and add a summer lightness, and darker blues can create focused or intimate spaces, like studies and bedrooms.


The industrial aesthetic is all about raw materials. Exposed brick, concrete, and furnishings made with metal are commonplace, adding character and style. This also leaves room for statement furnishings. Art and Alchemy lighting create fixtures that encompass this style perfectly, with pieces like the Brutus range that are made of welded steel. Creative and innovative designers, like Art and Alchemy, are the best compliment to an industrial home aesthetic.

Mid Century Modern

A well-designed mid-century modern home can feel eclectic and fresh— if done properly. The mid-1900s were as varied in design trends as we are now in the present, so it takes a trained eye to put a space together that feels cohesive. Easy ways to incorporate this aesthetic into your home design include furnishings like couches and chairs, many of which can act as standalone statement pieces.

Minimalist & Maximalist

If minimalist is all about empty space, maximalist is the opposite. These two styles are on opposite ends of the same spectrum. Minimalist spaces value clean lines, understated furnishings, and a sleek finish. Maximalist spaces love texture and color and make bold statements about your interior design style. Wallpaper and art choices are some of the clear markers of these styles. Wallpaper can be neutral and lightly textured, or it can be a bold print that brings a wild amount of character to your space. Choosing the right wall art also has an impact on your space, from the abstract to the bold.

Modern Farmhouse

This aesthetic takes the traditional Southern farmhouse and elevates it, creating a luxury space with a comforting, homely feel. Exposed beams, wood-finished furnishings, and soft fabrics create a home that feels ready to live in. This is also the best style for mixing textures, metals, and fabrics. If you’re after a touch more luxury, this style blends well with the French country aesthetic.

Find Your Home Aesthetic With Designer’s Mark

Whatever your style, at Designer’s Mark we are ready to help you create the home of your dreams. Our vendor partners have incredible range and craftsmanship talent and come from a wide range of design inspirations.

Visit our Boca Raton showroom to start your design journey and let our home stylists help you find your perfect home aesthetic.

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